google manual action

Google Penalty Recovery: Understanding the Concept and Process

According to stats shared by Matt Cutts, Google initiates around 400,000 manual actions each month. The number has increased after Google’s recent update(s). Unfortunately, 95% online business owners are either unaware of the penalty, or do not bother to attempt ... Continue Reading →
helpful google extensions

5 Google Extensions That Make Life Easier

These days, it’s not just important to have the right browser for your Internet needs, but also the right extension, plug-ins, and what have you. Problem is, there are a lot of them out there. Which ones are the ones worth getting, and which are the ones ... Continue Reading →
hardware cleaning tips

Keep it Clean: What’s Lurking in Your IT Equipment?

Office life requires we use a computer every single day – but how often do we clean our equipment? Cleaning is something that’s often overlooked when it comes to technology, but if you knew exactly what was lurking under those keys, or inside your laptop screen, ... Continue Reading →
webinar tools

4 Tools To Use for a More Successful and Effective Webinar

Holding webinars is one of the best ways for your business to deliver content to your audience and getting said audience down your conversion funnel. However, before you could even enjoy the benefits of a webinar, the first step is to actually learn how to launch ... Continue Reading →
Customer Lifetime Value Can Be a Risk

Why the Customer Lifetime Value Can Be a Risk

The Customer Lifetime Value is a concept that is getting increasingly popular. Be guided solely by the CLV can be dangerous for an SME. To calculate the CPL is necessary to know the conversion ratio of contacts to customers and profit I get through a purchase. ... Continue Reading →
Linux Web Hosting

A Smart Guide to Choose the Right Linux Web Hosting

Web hosting is an important decision when it comes to placing your website on the internet. Your website must be available to view for the target audience in the right format and at speed for it to leave a good impression on them. If your website is slow and unresponsive ... Continue Reading →
digital marketing

Customer Loyalty In Digital Marketing

There are several ways to build customer loyalty. For this to be effective, we must adopt methods and even strategies, so that your customers cannot do without your services. Whether for materials, tools and the same activity of the client base, there is an easy, ... Continue Reading →
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