web apps security

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Tool to Secure Your Web Apps

Web apps are increasingly important aspects of conducting business, but some can be quite vulnerable to online aggression. In many cases, attackers exploit the applications themselves to cause damage or steal vital information. These security weaknesses can cause ... Continue Reading →
website development tutorial

Getting Started In Web Development

It looks like the whole world’s online these days, and just about every aspect of life can now be found on a website. Naturally, those websites don’t create themselves. For that, you need web developers. Good web developers are always in demand, and ... Continue Reading →
digital marketing video services

5 Digital Video Services And Their Differences For Marketing

The penetration of digital video is growing worldwide 92 percent of internet users have access to it, according to data from TNS, and this trend has not been missed by agencies and advertisers. We will see some features and options of the most popular video ... Continue Reading →
convert image to word

Ways to change the image file extension to word

Usually it is not often a good idea to change the file extension of any file. This is more often called as an unnecessary task, which people avoid doing for many good reasons. This is because the moment you change the extension via clicking with a double click ... Continue Reading →
Touchscreen presentation of MS Office 365

Why to consider Office 365 for IT business?

Businesses are always looking for ways to use technology to drive improvements in efficiency and productivity. With the new tools available today, more and more enterprises are looking at using cloud-based services. Going with this approach means that you always ... Continue Reading →
How to create mobile apps

How To Make Your App Idea Come To Life

Have you ever come across some pointless and/or ill-conceived app, curled back your lip in a dismissive sneer, and said “I could design a better app!”? And by golly, you probably could, if it wasn’t for that small trifling detail of not knowing ... Continue Reading →
Enhance Your Linux Experience

Top Apps That Can Enhance Your Linux Experience

Are you a Linux fan? It is the perfect open source operating system that features an excellent shell. You must already know quite a lot of apps that works perfectly with the OS. In case you don’t, here is a comprehensive list for you that comprise all the apps ... Continue Reading →
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