Android tablets from Lenovo Lineup A1000 S6000 A3000

Lenovo Shows Off A1000, S6000, A3000 Lineup of Android Tablets

At the recently concluded Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Lenovo unveiled a trio of Android tablets aimed at the budget conscious user. Though none of the tablets boast any unexpected or extraordinary features they ... Continue Reading →
What is clustered webhosting advantages

An Introduction to ‘Clustered Web Hosting’

Let us first understand what is stand alone hosting. In this system all the web services, like the site’s control panel to FTP to email servers, are run on a single server. This becomes a little cumbersome for ... Continue Reading →
Compare Windows 8 and Windows RT Version

Windows RT vs Windows 8 Key Differences

Windows 8, the much awaited operating system from Microsoft is now here, and it is available in three distinct versions: Windows 8 standard, Win 8 Pro (with added features) and Win 8 RT or Runtime. SO is RT or Win ... Continue Reading →