List of alternative navigation apps for iPhone 5

List of Alternative Navigation Apps for iPhone 5

Apple was quick in launching its iOS6 before the announcement of iPhone 5. Most of the iPhone customers wanted to get a taste of the new iOS and upgraded their gadgets to the new software. The software looked great ... Continue Reading →
Development and Web Design

Web Design Tips for E Commerce Sites

An increasing number of people are turning to the internet for their shopping needs. And why not? The ability to shop from the comfort of your home is a great blessing. An E commerce site needs to be designed to attract ... Continue Reading →
Liquid Layout vs Fixed Layout for website design

Liquid Layouts vs. Fixed Layouts

Every page needs to have a proper arrangement and sequential ordering of elements and content. This sequential arrangement of content on a web page is called the Layout and the absence of which will look chaotic. A ... Continue Reading →
Tips to ensure wordpress security and protect a blog

5 Simple Ways to Boost WordPress Security

Online security is extremely important and something that cannot be taken casually. You have to safely secure your accounts so that no one can hack into your blog. Though WordPress offers one of the best user-friendly ... Continue Reading →
How to keep wordpress spam free. The best anti spam plugins for wordpress

5 Plug-ins to Keep Your WordPress Spam Free

WordPress has been launching newer versions of its content management system platforms. From the basic to the newly launched WordPress 3.1 theme, WordPress’ features and benefits have only grown from strength to ... Continue Reading →
How to prevent SQL Injections in WordPress and Data Security Internet

How to Prevent WordPress SQL Injection Attacks

It is difficult to find a common link between CIA, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Sony Pictures and PBS, but they do have something in common. Hackers were able to hack into these organizations and their websites using ... Continue Reading →
Best WordPress Themes for your WP Blog

Top WordPress themes for educational blogs

Educational blogs or websites have become popular, one reason being online education. Make the home page attractive by adding the WordPress themes. Finding WordPress themes for educational blogs or websites is no more ... Continue Reading →
best wordpress plugins top 10 for a great wordpress blog

10 Important WordPress Plugins for your Website

WordPress has attracted users over the years for special reasons. It is by far the most commonly used CMS. Simplicity in terms of usage is one of the key reasons behind its success. You don’t have to fret over blogging. ... Continue Reading →