Are You Spending Enough Time on Your Blog?

How do you know if you’re giving enough time to your blog? How much time is enough time, anyway? That’s not a question you can answer easily unless you know what you want from your blog. Still, the question has come to the forefront of your mind, and that’s never without a reason. Why do you feel you need to analyze if you’re giving enough time to your blog? Isn’t it faring well? Again, how do you want it to fare? Use our tips to guide you towards the answers.

Daily Blogging ist time consuming. As much time you invest in your blog as better your blog will grow over time

1. Analyze Your Blog Type

If you’re hobby blogging and just keeping yourself and your readers happy, minimum time investment is sufficient. Just as long as your readers know you haven’t fallen off the face of the planet. If you have a regular blog that you plan on monetizing someday, you need to establish more of a presence. If you have a business blog and you’re earning from it, then it’s simple. The more time you give it the better.

2. Write Down Your Reasons And Motivations For Blogging

Exactly why do you blog? Is it because you have too much time on your hands that you don’t know what to do with it? That’s very seldom the case, unless one is born with a silver spoon in the mouth. So why do you blog? Write down your initial motivation, the thought process that led to your blog. What did you want to achieve? Read what you’ve written now and then and it’ll motivate you to devote more time.

3. Set Targets

Having a set target in mind will help you analyze the amount of time you need to achieve them. Your targets can be anything – earning a certain amount of money, or building X number of visitors a day and so on. The efforts that go towards achieving these targets will dictate your time investment needs.

4. Develop The Right Mindset

Don’t tell yourself that you ‘need’ to achieve your targets. No one is holding a gun to your head. There’s no obligation, so you really don’t need to if you don’t want to. Now, when it comes to wanting to do something, you know you’re in positive action mode. When you want to do something versus needing to do something, you’re in charge of your destiny. Change your needs to wants and you will know exactly how much time to devote to your blog.

5. Create A Business Plan

Set specific business goals and write a business plan to achieve them. Initially, this may not be more than just your goals, and what you need to do to get there. Add to it slowly and mark down milestones for various necessities such as X number of email subscriptions, X number of traffic numbers, product testing, product launch, marketing campaigns and so on.

6. Allot Blogging Time

If you are not a full time blogger, it becomes necessary to put aside a certain timeframe for blogging and blogging alone. No other activity should be allowed to intrude into this timeframe. Do not compromise on your blogging hours. Would you compromise on your scheduled gym hour unless it were an emergency? Why treat blogging as a will-see-to-it-when-and-however activity? Doesn’t your blog deserve some respect too?

7. Get Into The Blogging Mindset

Blogging is more about the mentality, not just the blog itself. Whether you’re a hobby blogger or a serious business blogger, you’re a blogger, so learn to think of yourself as such. A journalist is a journalist even while on vacation. Carry a notebook and jot down ideas when you’re at the coffee shop, or when you’re walking your dog. Whatever you do or say, remember you need food for your blog. See to it.

8. There’s No Need To Panic And Mess It Up

The need to achieve your targets may put a lot of pressure on you, but don’t cave in. You’ll do more damage to your blog when you panic than when you stay calm. The important thing is to realize the commitment your blog needs. Are you ready for that kind of commitment? If you are, then discipline will follow and there won’t be need for panic.

9. Love What You Do

There’s no second to this. If you love your blog and feel true-blue passion for it, then you will automatically tune it to what it needs from you. You will happily give it time and energy and look forward to every phase of its growth with pleasure. In many ways, growing a new blog is like parenting.

10. Juggle Post Lengths

The one task that’s sure to take up time is writing posts. Find a way around this. Keep a bunch of short, easy to read and absorb short posts for those in-between times. During other times, push out a nice, long, in-depth post. Just make sure to get the long post out on days when you know you will get better audience reception.

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  1. SkySurfer

    Sep 28. 2012

    Keep up the excellent work , I read few posts on this internet site and I conceive that your website is really interesting and contains lots of great information.

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    Thanks Sky, its my passion 🙂

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  3. Salman

    Oct 18. 2012

    Spending time on your blog is really a must if you want to make a difference in millions of blogs out there on the internet! Thanks for the blogging tips

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  4. Antje

    Oct 21. 2012

    Blogging can be time consuming if you want to be great. As more time and personal effort you put into your blog – as more your blog, users and traffic will grow

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