Blog Your Way To A Successful Career

Everyone knows by this time that social media is a great way to promote yourself, and even “traditional” occupations such as construction can greatly benefit from some twenty-first century advertising tactics. So many commercial establishments, companies, freelancers, and home businesses have gotten the word out on their goods and services, so why not construction contractors?

Gone are the days when all a contractor needed was to have the business name and number emblazoned on the company van, and maybe have a few business cards on-hand. It’s time to bring social media into the picture.

Here are three ways that social media can help build up your construction business’ reputation and generate more business. There are other ways of advancing your contractor career as well, as the article “4 Ways to Advance Your Career as a Massachusetts Contractor” points out. Naturally, the ideas presented aren’t just limited to the Bay State, so by all means feel free to adapt them.

Blog Your Way To A Successful Career

Your Blog

Blogging gives the everyday person the chance to speak their minds, give their opinions, vent, and yes, even show everyone else just how much they know about any given subject. As a contractor, you need to demonstrate to potential customers who’ve never used you before that you know what you’re doing.

A blog is the perfect way of showing the world what you know. Consider starting a blog that explores the many facets of the world of construction, focusing of course on those areas that you’re well-versed in. This should be a dedicated blog that’s entrenched firmly in construction matters, and free of things like politics, religion, personal opinions, and cats.

It doesn’t even have to be updated very often; you could do a weekly or bi-weekly entry, discussing anything from a “how-to” situation, to some personal anecdotes about past jobs you’ve been on and how you handled the unique challenges they presented.

And the best way to call attention to your blog is through …

Social Media

Consider putting together a Facebook page for your contractor business, a page that’s separate from your own personal Facebook page, if you have one. This business page would have things like your contact information, location, and the sort of jobs you handle.

And naturally, there would be a link to your blog, so that people who were interested could check you out in more detail. In fact, you could use your Facebook page as a means of gathering together construction-related questions from readers, and create responses by means of blog entries. Perhaps someone wants advice on a leaky roof, damaged as a result of ice dams from this past hideous winter. Your next blog entry could be something like “Making spot repairs on weather-related damage”.

A lot of contractors get business through word of mouth, and social media is custom-made for this. In fact, if you’re feeling daring, you could offer some small discount to anyone who refers a friend (provided said friend actually ends up using your services, of course!).

For more information on putting together a good social media profile, check out “A Social Media Profile And Bio That Works.”


Human beings are visual creatures, and a picture is worth a thousand words. If you don’t want to do long blog entries, consider making and uploading a series of instructional, “how-to” videos on various construction-related subjects.

The beauty of this tactic is that you don’t even need any fancy video equipment; most halfway-decent smart phones have impressive video capability. Once you make a video, you can link it to your blog and/or your Facebook page.

Once again, people’s questions could be addressed via videos. After all, it’s so much easier to just show people how to do something than it is to try and describe it in writing.

It’s All Connected

One thing you may have noticed is that all three strategies actually end up overlapping and complimenting each other. That’s actually the cornerstone of most successful online marketing campaigns: having all of your components fit together and support each other, so that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

So don’t hesitate or put it off; get online and start building up a reputation and client base online, and watch your business grow.

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