Your Blog As A Source Of Customer Feedback

A well-constructed, often-updated blog is a valuable tool for any business that wants to establish and maintain an online presence, and these days, a business without such a presence does itself a vast disservice. After all, social networks are where it’s at.

Online Blog
Your blog can be your business’ best friend

A company blog is a useful way of announcing the roll-out of new products or services. It also serves as a good alternative to the traditional press release, or even another venue for showing that press release, for that matter. After all, if you have press releases, why limit their visibility to only traditional print sources? But the beauty of a blog is the potential it has for two-way interaction, because everyone that reads your business’ blog is also a possible customer. Building on that, your blog is an excellent source of customer feedback as well as a means of enhancing your business’ reputation.

Creating A Customer Centric Experience

Customer centricity is a fancy way of saying “customer satisfaction“, a measure of how your goods and services meet or exceed your customers’ expectations. When you have a blog that encourages feedback by means of, say, a comment field at the end of the blog page, you’re demonstrating an interest in the customer as a person and engaging them. It shows you care, and this in turn creates loyalty, which in turn results in repeat customers. This is just one of several reasons why your business should be customer centric, and it’s an important one.

There’s An App For That Blog

Fortunately, your friend the Internet gives you access to a whole batch of apps that helps gather information from visitors to your blog. Many of these apps use widgets which are embedded in your website’s blog, thereby giving visitors convenient access to feedback. These apps cover everything from forums to suggestion boxes to polls. Some of them, such as Feedbackify, offer a lot of flexibility in terms of the types of questions asked. For instance, it lets you create questions that have a numeric scale, as in “Rate our new chipotle turnip chips on a scale of 1 to 5”.

Remember that web surfers like to employ as few clicks as possible when they’re looking for things, so adding a feedback widget to a blog page is a good way of inducing people to respond because they don’t have to go looking for a “Contact Us” page in order to express their opinions.

WordPress Plug-Ins

Considering the popularity of WordPress as a blogging tool, it naturally follows that there needs to be special mention of the vast number of plug-ins available for customer feedback. As you may expect, WordPress has much the same feedback tools as listed in the above paragraph. Of special note is the WP Feedback and Survey Manager that’s available. You use it to run surveys and gather feedback through your blog, and the information is stored in a database, where you can run survey reports or just view the feedback itself, so you can get a good idea how people feel about your business.

But if you want to get more creative, these particular plug-ins give your blog the extra power to implement such things as live chat or multimedia (e.g. video, text, audio, photo) feedback.

Time Well Spent

As any blogger can tell you, creating and maintaining a blog is a drain of your time, energy, and resources. But the customer satisfaction dividends can’t be denied. A blog that brings customers closer to your business is worth the trouble.

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