Guest Posting in 2015: What’s It All About?

If you have a flair for writing but couldn’t do it consistently then there is a solution for it and that is “Guest posting”. Making a blog is very simple and but writing consistently can be difficult if you have a tight schedule. There are many blogs which offers guest posting means you can write and publish your article on their site or blog. It is a win – win situation for both parties because of the following reasons:

 Make new acquaintances

Make new acquaintances

When you are writing as a guest then you are entering into an already established writing domain where there are many people like you. This gives you an opportunity to know various perspectives and get new ideas. You can also sharpen your writing skills by reading others’ article and interacting with them. Therefore you are a writer as well as a reader in such scenario. The host site/blog also gains a new writer and reader as its member. It is possible that your articles attract more visitors to the host site which is beneficial for the site.

guest blog

Need not to alter your schedule

Your own blog will demand lots of time and patience from you to get established. It requires you to reschedule your daily activities but there is no such obligation in case of guest writing. You can write whenever you want be it daily, weekly or monthly. On the other hand, the host site get new and fresh content with different perspectives which they can share with worldwide reading community.

Blog Management

Learn about blogging management

If you are thinking of writing your own blog and don’t know how to reach large readership and other aspects of blogging then joining an established blog give you an insight of blogging. You can observe the new trends in writing, hot topics, interests and demand of readers etc. If you become popular on the host site then it will become easier for you to promote your own blog or site. You can provide link of your host site on your own site for your previous post which will help in promotion of both sites.

social networks

Utilize social network

Your relation with the host site/blog is a symbiotic one because you will utilize its existing links and it will utilize your social links. You will get popularity and they will expand their domain by using your networks.

make money online blogging

Make some money

Some sites like to buy guest posts of good quality and their requirement is that you have to follow their guidelines regarding topic, quantity of articles, article length, keywords etc. It is a good way to make money so if you think that you can write well then you can use guest writing as an income source. The host site has also got benefitted in return in various ways.

Guest blogging

Expand your presence

If you are a professional writer who used to write for traditional publishing houses then guest writing opens a portal for you to write for new sites, magazines and other online publications. On the other hand, if you are a budding writer then it can give you a platform to prove your writing and gain a large readership. The host site can also utilize your popularity to promote itself more on web domain and other social networking sites.

readers response

Get readers response

Earlier getting responses from readers has its own limitations but blogging has remove the gap between writer and reader. The positive and negative responses from your readers help you improve your writing. You can connect to your readers from all over the world with a single post and your host site becomes bigger with every new response and post.

There are some drawbacks of guest posting but if it is used wisely by blog site as well as writers then it can mutually benefit them.

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Shubhi Gupta is a freelance author and writes for a variety of online publications. She actively writes blogs and articles and very fond of writing content on different trendy topicss related to Education, training,resources,health and technology.

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  1. Avinash

    Nov 13. 2015

    Unfortunately, there are still people out there who try to exploit free guest posting services with their SPAM links after accepting the quality guidelines. If they do not get their SPAM link they are trying to frighten and insult the admin. These users are the reason why guest posting services are mostly abused for SEO purposes and therefor hated by Google.
    The author of this post is such a user. We, as the avinash blog, will always bring this abusing methods to the attention of the google spam team!

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  2. Tim

    Nov 13. 2015

    Sorry to hear that mate! Just Forward the Details to Google. They handle such threats pretty well! We also encountered such users..

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  3. kanagaraj

    Mar 14. 2016

    actually freelancers is very useful for the actions

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  4. prosper

    Apr 22. 2017

    Nice post. I really love this one. keep it up.

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  5. GST Consultant

    Aug 19. 2017

    Thanks for sharing your views, please check the interesting blog.

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