How To Breathe Life Into A Dead Blog

Do you remember when you first started blogging? There you were, all bright-eyed and eager, ready to cast your pearls of wisdom out into the ether, for the entertainment and betterment of all. And sure enough, you came roaring out of the gate, posting interesting things, taking the blogging community by storm, and gathering a following.

But as time went on, inertia set in and your blog sputtered. It became a chore, and slowly it seemed as if no one was actually reading it anymore. Your blog had turned into a slog.

Fortunately, there is hope! Yes, brothers and sisters, you can revive that dead blog! You can raise it up from the graveyard of failed blogs, and see it rise to glory, and find the Promised Land! Can I get an “amen”?

Ahem. Sorry. Got a little carried away there.

Here are some suggestions for reviving that dead blog of yours. Feel free to try any and all of these ideas.

reactivate your blog with valuable content for your usersIt’s alive! Alive!!!

Get Some New Clothes

No, not for you; for your blog. Maybe it’s high time for a makeover, as in a complete redesign of your pages. Experiment with new fonts, backgrounds, colors, templates. A new look can certainly shake things up.

More Pretty Pictures

Right up there with a redesign (and most effectively done in tandem) is the notion of more images, more videos. If you haven’t used images before, well, it’s time to start. A few public domain images tossed in with some clever relevant captions can spice things up a little. And as for videos, practically every smart phone out there has video capability. Make a short and put it up on your blog!

Make New Connections

It’s not called a blogging community for nothing. That’s the keyword: community. No man is an island, no woman is an archipelago, something like that. Visit other people’s blogs, and comment on their entries, all the while making sure that a link to your blog is embedded in your signature. And it wouldn’t help to introduce yourself and throw in a mention that you are a fellow blogger.

Announce Your Presence … Often

Are you on Google Plus and/or Facebook? Do you have a Twitter account? Make sure you take every opportunity to link to your blog. Your “About” information should most certainly include a permanent link to your blog. If you’re not on any of the above-mentioned social media sites, then shame on you. Now, go sign up.

In addition, make sure your friends realize that you have a blog, or still doing a blog, or whatever. Encourage them to read the latest entry and to share it with their friends. Post an FYI on your Facebook status, letting friends know that you’ve just added a new blog entry.

Stay Current

No one cares anymore that Britney Spears had a meltdown. They care even less about Madonna. Keep your blog content up to date and address the things going on that have everyone talking. It can be serious stuff (the current political climate in Washington), to entertaining (the new fall shows debuting), to the ragingly pathetic (Miley Cyrus). But whatever approach you take, stay abreast of current trends, but whatever you do, don’t beat them into the ground.

Get Readers Involved

This can mean anything from ending your blog entry with a question, to an outright blatant request for other people’s opinions (since some people may think your ending question is rhetorical). Prompt people for their thoughts, but not just necessarily feedback on whether they like your blog or what you could be doing better; no, try to engage your readers in an actual dialogue.

For many writers, the knowledge that people are reading their stuff is adequate incentive to post often and post well. You’ll find that if you spice up your blog a little with fresher content and a new look, and then snag more readers, you’ll end up on an upward spiral. More people reading your blog will induce you to write better content, and better content will have more people reading your blog, ad infinitum.

John Terra has been freelance writing since 1985, and really enjoys New Hampshire’s approach to auto insurance. He writes about everything from used cars to keeping an eye on your daily reputation.

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