Give Your Social Media Profiles A Makeover

Your social media profile is your calling card to the online community, your way of saying “Hey there, how’s it going! My name is…”. It’s the way that folks online get at least a working idea about who the heck you are and why they should care, and the latter is important if you use your profile as part of a self-marketing strategy. Cars need routine maintenance, you need annual physicals, your dwelling benefits from an occasional cleaning and reorganizing, and your social media profile needs tweaking to keep it current and relevant. Here are some ideas on how to go about this:

how to set up your social media profile for best results

Get A Better Photo Of Yourself

Okay, let’s get this important point out in the open here: if your photo is one you’ve taken yourself, replace it now! If nothing else, a self-taken photo screams “Hello, I don’t even have one measly friend or relative to snap a picture for me!”, and that’s sad. Have someone take a current photo of you, and make sure the photo fits the theme and purpose of your social media profile. If your profile is there to help you drum up business and be professional, then that hilarious picture of you dropping your pants during a beer pong game may not be the best choice. Also, no matter what, make sure no one’s doing anything weird in the background, like flashing the camera or photo-bombing.

social media profile optimization
A current picture goes a long way towards improving your profile

Keep Up With Current Trends

If your profile is laced with references to “Teen Girl Squad”, “badgers badgers badgers”, and “I can haz chezburgr”, then it’s going to be pretty clear that you haven’t touched that profile in years. Time to remove those “it was funny five years ago” references and links, and start upgrading with current memes and links.

Background Customization

Most social media sites such as GooglePlus and Facebook have numerous functions where you can customize your page’s background, especially with using a photo you’ve uploaded. There are cemetery enthusiasts, for instance, who have uploaded some truly spectacular panoramas of old graveyards. Let your background help deliver a consistent message as to who you are!

Make Sure Your Social Media Profile Is Complete And Up-To-Date

Have you ever worked on a profile, only to reach a section where you say “Yeah, I’ll come back to this one later”, and you never do? Yeah, same here. Make sure that your profile tells a complete story, and that includes filling in those forgotten blanks. Remember how you said you’d do it later? Well, later is now.

Read over your information and make sure it’s current, including mundane things like job status, current location, and relationship status. If you got married since you last updated your profile, you may have just a little bit of explaining to do to your spouse if your status, instead of saying “happily married” says “looking for some hot stuff, baby, this evening!”

SEO Optimization

Make sure your profile includes certain keywords, especially in fields such as “About”, “Introduction”, or “Basic Information”, that will stand out in searches, especially if you’re trying to catch the attention of certain people, whether simply for socializing purposes, establishing professional contacts or drumming up business. Also, link your social media pages from your website, if you have one.

Many of these tips may sound like simple common sense activities, but you’d be surprised how often the simple mundane tasks get lost in the shuffle. Whether your social media profile is a tool in getting you more business or simply a means of introducing yourself to new friends, a cleaned-up, visually appealing profile will get you noticed.

John Terra has been writing freelance since 1985, and is patiently awaiting the end of the “Keep Calm And…” meme. In the meantime, he writes about just about anything that crosses his path, from gaming to personalities such as Gary Crittenden.

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