7 Blogging Tools That Will Save You Time

There are two elements that every blogger needs in order to be successful: the ability to write, and the time to write. And while there are no known tools for making you more adept at turning a phrase, there’s a host of blogging tools out there to save some of that precious time. Here are seven WordPress tools for your consideration.

Internet blog tools for daily writing on your blog to manage time wisely
Try these seven WordPress plugins and save yourself some time

Broken Link Checker

It’s really embarrassing when you embed a link in your blog and it turns out to be a dead link or perhaps even just written incorrectly. By the same token, it doesn’t say anything good about your pages if your images aren’t loading thanks to a broken link. Broken Link Checker gives your blog entries that peace of mind scan for these offending nuisances. Beats the tedium of having to do it yourself, right?

Search And Replace

Talk about tedium, does it get any worse than searching and replacing find strings? This plugin searches for find strings in your database, then replaces them. This is particularly useful if you need to replace outdated short codes, or make major changes in your link formatting.

WordPress.com Stats

Analytics is time consuming, but you really want to get a good idea on your blog’s activity. This plugin allows you to access your key blog analytics from the convenience of your WordPress dashboard. After all, you need to have some idea as to how well your blog is performing, in case you need to make some changes.


The only places spam belongs is on a plate or in a Monty Python sketch. Blogs are big spam targets, and Akismet, when properly configured to your blog, will block that offending junk. It’s not perfect, but it will catch the lion’s share of those comments. Who knew that lions liked eating spam?


Does the prospect of embedding a YouTube video in your block make you want to run screaming for the hills? The Easytube plugin is here to save the day. It makes it ridiculously simply to embed a Google or YouTube video. Incidentally, a video of someone running screaming for the hills could be kind of cool. Just saying …

WP-Database Backup

Ah, backups! Talk about a time-consuming chore which, on that one day you decide to blow it off, your database gets more corrupt than the Harding Administration. Fortunately, WP-Database Backup can be set up to automatically backup your database files to either your hard drive or send them to you by means of e-mail. A word of warning: this plugin only backs up your database files.

Floating Social Bar

No, this isn’t a euphemism for a booze cruise. This social media plugin gives you a floating horizontal bar that lets people share your bon mots on Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. And the beauty of it is, it doesn’t impact your site’s speed!

And there you have it: seven tools to save time, thereby giving you more chances to dazzle the blogosphere with your wisdom and wit. Have at it, and good luck!

John Terra has been freelance writing since 1985, and has written about a wide variety of topics, everything from North Korean smartphones, online gaming, and time tracking software.

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