Importance of CSS in Web Designing

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS as it is commonly known in the world of website designing is a styling language used for keying out the presentation aspects of a web page written in markup language. The language can be applied to web pages written in XHTML, HTML, and XML. The concept of Cascading Style Sheets was developed and released by the World Wide Web Consortium in the year 1996. As with other scripting languages, CSS is also available in different levels. In 1996, the CSS version 1 was commercially released and was the first level to be developed. There are five CSS levels released till date, of which CSS 4 is the latest level to be commercially released.


CSS allows webmasters to provide links to other documents in a website and gain control over the positioning of different elements in a web page. CSS is integral for defining the structure of a website and a sole CSS sheet is capable of controlling fonts, color, styling, and positioning of a website. Prior to the development of CSS, the only way to style a website is using table based layouts. If you want your website to be visually attractive then you should be proficient in CSS concepts and know the importance of using CSS for website designing.

Tabled layouts consume more bandwidth and take time to load, that is where CSS scores more than the tabled layouts as it consumes less bandwidth and loads quickly. This is due to the fact that style sheets load only once in the cache memory and it lets other pages in the website load faster. If you are using HTML for your website, then CSS should be your first choice for styling as HTML combines well with CSS. The striking feature of using CSS is that it is compatible with almost all the web browsers in the marketplace and hence your website will appear the same on all browsers.

CSS permits webmasters to position certain elements on desired locations in a web page. As website maintenance is effortless, web developers can also delete or add any element on a web page styled using CSS. If you are building a printer friendly website, then CSS is the only language that facilitates the seamless printing of colors, text, and other data on a web page. A developer using CSS need not worry about the characteristic change of elements as it can be altered during any phase of web development.

CSS adds consistency and portability to web pages. For a website to be visible on the first page of search engine results, it has to be search engine friendly. CSS sheets permit web designers to project the primary contents of a web page first, so that search engine crawlers can index and rank the web pages easily. The bottom line is that Cascading Style Sheets let webmasters design, maintain, and customize web pages substantially. Over the years, Cascading Style Sheets have played a pivotal role in the visual representation of a website.

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  1. Carsten

    Oct 23. 2012

    CSS is the basis of all web designs and very important in web development until you use Microsoft Silverlight or Flash for developing your applications

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  2. Carmel Shumaker

    Dec 23. 2012

    all web design except flash and silverlight are based on CSS so its absolutely important for web development and web design today

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