A Handy Tutorial On Utilizing Single Var Pattern In Javascript

As a JavaScript programming professional, I’m sure you too would have been entirely impressed with the flexibility of creating any type of variable. However, if you are still uncertain about working with JavaScript variables, then the single var pattern is ... Continue Reading →
convert image to word

Ways to change the image file extension to word

Usually it is not often a good idea to change the file extension of any file. This is more often called as an unnecessary task, which people avoid doing for many good reasons. This is because the moment you change the extension via clicking with a double click ... Continue Reading →
How to create mobile apps

How To Make Your App Idea Come To Life

Have you ever come across some pointless and/or ill-conceived app, curled back your lip in a dismissive sneer, and said “I could design a better app!”? And by golly, you probably could, if it wasn’t for that small trifling detail of not knowing ... Continue Reading →
how to use an online payment provider in your development process

Building Your Own Online Payment System 101

When it comes to online payment processing, there are a host of different packages to choose from. For the entrepreneur with the true Do It Yourself spirit, however, there’s something to be said about coming up with your own system to accept payments. Perhaps ... Continue Reading →
Software Development Kit for iOS apps development

iOS SDK Development for Beginners

The rivalry between PC and Mac has now evolved alongside the advancing technology, and now we have the rivalry of Android versus iOS. Despite Android’s dominance, there’s a need and a market in developing iOS apps. But where to start on the glamorous ... Continue Reading →
Which is the best IT Support - Inhouse or outsourced?

Outsourced vs. In-house IT Support: Which is best for your business?

What should you opt for: in-house IT support or outsourced IT support? Generally, companies deal with difficulties when it comes to making a decision. Both alternatives feature benefits, but the important thing is to make sure you are selecting the best option ... Continue Reading →
How to develop your first game

How to develop your first game

Ever wonder how those awesome and addictive games that we always find ourselves enthralled in were created? Have you ever dreamed of being a game developer on your own? Have you ever thought you had some amazing ideas to develop into a game and just not know how ... Continue Reading →
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