Ways to change the image file extension to word

Usually it is not often a good idea to change the file extension of any file. This is more often called as an unnecessary task, which people avoid doing for many good reasons. This is because the moment you change the extension via clicking with a double click over this file, you may hamper the quality of the stuff found in it. Yet at times it becomes mandatory to do so. As far as changing the extension to word is concerned, there are several ways of doing so. Well, how about checking the right ways of doing so, which can be done with the help of four different ways as discussed below. Let’s peep inside the same in the following paragraphs:

convert image to word

The first step- Check the document you are keen to change the file extension of

In the first step, you are supposed to make the copy of the file you are keen to change the extension and then save it with other name at your desired place. In this way you have the original file intact, while you work with other to avoid any issue. Close all the programs and click the copied file for doing the same.

The second step- Starting up the process

Here, you are supposed to start the button over the bottom left side as shown over the screen. Now, you are supposed to click the mouse over your machine’s control panel and check at your new screen’s right side. Here, you are supposed to check the option called Appearance and Personalization wherein you are supposed to choose the option called Folder Options followed by clicking over the tab called View. Now, simply go down over the list wherein you would find the option called Hide extensions for known file types. All you are supposed to do here is to Uncheck that particular box followed by clicking over the box called Apply to make the necessary changes.

The third step- Reopening the directory wherein you have the file

Now place the mouse cursor over the file copy, which you have made it right now. Here you are supposed to right click over the file followed by using the shortcut file. Now, simply choose the option called Rename from the given options you have. This is where you are supposed to change the extension with manual option followed by simply retyping the same over the new program extension, which are looking to use. Simply Type .html if you are changing the HMTL code and then make the same as .txt for the word file extension.

The fourth step

Here you are supposed to understand the file, which has not gone through the new format since this would now change. You can now open the same in your desired word file. In case, if you see the file getting failed while opening the word file, you are supposed to change the word processing file over the text file with the said.txt extension. You can even find a couple of file conversion software programs, which are found over the web. Some of them are exclusive ones for changing the extension to Word extensions. These could be both free and paid software programs, which can help you in doing the needful.

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