How to develop your first game

Ever wonder how those awesome and addictive games that we always find ourselves enthralled in were created? Have you ever dreamed of being a game developer on your own? Have you ever thought you had some amazing ideas to develop into a game and just not know how to create them?

How to develop your first game

Well here are a few suggestions to get you started. Hey, you never know, you may just be the next Angry Bird developer.

Free Tools to Get You Started

There are different tools out there to help assist you in your creations. One of the most popular and well liked ones from freelance developers is a tool called Unity. This game engine is very user friendly and easy for the beginner to learn. Unity can upload to all the most popular and different platforms being used to host games. You can even use Unity to upload your game to the web. Try out all the unique features that Unity offers within its game engine, it will really add that spark to your game that you need.

Another tool of choice is named Game Maker. Game Maker is geared towards the 2D designs. If you specialize in 2D designs you definitely want to give Game Maker a try. Not one of the favorites among other game developers, but still has potential. The draw back that turns off the interest of users is the system of dragging and dropping your scripts. But for beginners, and maybe even avid programmers, may learn or retouch on some of the basics of programming. Don’t knock it until you give it a fair shot!

3D style games more your forte? Try out the free tool called Blender. Blender surely beats the alternative of purchasing the more expensive tools; however, for being a free product it comes close in comparison to greatness in other gaming designer tools. Before you go out and sink a lot of money into an expensive alternative, try Blender and see if it hits the nail on the head in producing the quality of games you desire.

No High Expectations

We all have them; it keeps us from reaching the end result. However, if you keep in mind that your first game has every intention of falling way short of your expectation, than at least you aren’t hitting your head against the wall trying to master something that will never be. Keep your head high and only take the material and guidance that will help achieve your end goal. Everything else, throw out the window. The end result will just be that much sweeter after you know how the sweat and tears you poured into achieving it.

Don’t Give Up

You know the sayings, “practice makes perfect” or “practice, practice, practice.” Well instead of ignoring them now like you did in school listening to your parents or P.E. coach, this is the perfect time to apply them. Keep focused and committed to your project. Things don’t always come natural to everyone. But if you have a passion to learn something, then you will have the ability to follow it through.

Start Small

Your first time out of the gate, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Professional developers suggest creating a mini game first. Pick something that comes easy to you. No need for crazy elements or designs. Keep it simple. Remember how your first game created is going to suck? Well, if you keep things simple than things will tend to not look as bad. Also, by creating a mini game you have something to build on. If you aim too high at first, what goes up must come down, and you will too eventually fall flat on your face.

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