How To Make Your App Idea Come To Life

Have you ever come across some pointless and/or ill-conceived app, curled back your lip in a dismissive sneer, and said “I could design a better app!”? And by golly, you probably could, if it wasn’t for that small trifling detail of not knowing how to program or develop apps on your own.

Now you don’t have to let that disadvantage hold you back from designing that killer app you’ve always wanted to. Here are some resources that are easily available for the budding app designer who has no idea how to program (not that there’s anything wrong with that!).

How to create mobile apps
Here’s some sweet tools to make that app dream a reality!


Although most of this article will deal with app creators that you can download, let’s start things off with something a little different. Bearing in mind that we’re talking here about a service that will in fact cost money to use, Zapporoo is an app designing site that hooks you up with their expert design team who will create the app based on your ideas.

You can follow their progress every step of the way with the 24-hour online tracking capability. It’s safe and secure, and keeps you in the know.


Here’s a good one that lets you choose between the Zapporoo development team option, and the do-it-yourself way. Furthermore, this one’s geared towards small businesses; enabling them to capitalize on the whole mobile computing craze by making it easy to create an effective e-commerce app. BuildFire is free if you just want to create an HTML5 Web app; if you want to expand that to Android or iOS, that’ll be just under $50 a month. But on the other hand, you get top-notch customer service, not to mention opening up your app to a larger audience.


Can you create a Facebook page? If so, then congratulations! You can also create an app, if you use Appsme. You can build a fully customizable app for any smart phone out there, basing it on the dedicated apps for Android and iOS, plus optimized mobile websites for other platforms. It’s a simple 3-step process and is ideal for creating e-commerce apps. Creating your app is free, while publishing it ranges from no charge to $40 a month.

Appy Pie

Good grief, what an atrocious pun. Anyways, Appy Pie is a cloud-based tool that allows you to create apps for Android, Windows, or iOS, and publish them on iTunes or GooglePlay. No need to download and install anything; just create that app online via drag and drop. The result is an HTML5-based hybrid app that is compatible with all platforms. You can even integrate audio, video, blogs, and social media feeds. Plan pricing ranges from free (with ads), all the way up to a Platinum plan for $33 a month. Naturally, the bigger the plan, the more platforms are supported.

So there you have it; four different ways to create apps. Who knows, maybe this will be the start of your app designing career, giving people a new app to enjoy rather than just simply finding weird things to do with their iPhones.

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