Outsourced vs. In-house IT Support: Which is best for your business?

What should you opt for: in-house IT support or outsourced IT support? Generally, companies deal with difficulties when it comes to making a decision. Both alternatives feature benefits, but the important thing is to make sure you are selecting the best option prior to settling on. In order to make things easier for you, here is a brief presentation of these two alternatives.

Which is the best IT Support - Inhouse or outsourced?

In-house IT support

An in-house IT help desk definitely features various advantages. With the help of a proper background and constant preparation, your support team has the possibility to comprehend your business’s individual IT systems and set up. Moreover, since they will always be there, the IT support team’s members will also be ready to deal with all sorts of issues rapidly and proficiently. Still, you have to know that IT support training will make you dig deep into your pockets. In fact, in order to stay up-to-date in this world of technology that keeps progressing, your personnel will have to go through permanent training and take frequent exams.

Besides, you will need to offer your IT support personnel a standard remuneration. This means no less than £25,000 annually for every one of them. Bear in mind that qualified IT managers will ask for even higher salaries. As far as sickness and holiday cover is concerned, things can also become complicated. For instance, what are you supposed to do when your IT support team includes two members and one of them is on holiday and the other one gets sick? You will have to go for an on-call rota, in order to solve issues during office hours.

You must understand that it is not a good idea to have only one or two persons dealing with your in-house support. Even the most skilled IT support provider will not be able to handle certain issues. In order to have a team that can solve all problems, maybe you should go for outsourced IT support.

Outsourced IT support

First of all, outsourced IT support will help you save money, and this doesn’t apply to in-house helpdesk. Why? Because an in-house helpdesk involves no less than two salaried personnel members, or it can involve even more, based on the dimension of your business. Outsourced IT support features various prices, but generally it will cost you from £10 per person monthly to £350 monthly to supply outsourced IT support to approximately ten persons.

The money you have to pay will comprise running of the server of your business (in case you feature one), and also of all laptops and PCs. Numerous companies realize after several calculi that outsourced IT support represents definitely their best alternative. What is more, outsourced IT support will also ensure you have access to a wider field of expertise. When you hire a reliable IT support company, they will provide you with qualified and skilled personnel that have good knowledge of a great array of fields. A professional outsourced IT support company should know how to handle all your problems.

Furthermore, there are also other important motives why you should go for outsourced IT support. It gives your staff enough time to concentrate on managing and developing your company. Numerous businesses realize that as they develop, a well-informed member of personnel becomes the “IT scapegoat”. Since the others are aware of the fact that the “IT scapegoat” knows very well how to handle computers, they will keep asking him for help every time they can’t solve their problems, and this won’t allow him to do this job.

In case your sales manager has to constantly aid your personnel when it comes to computer issues instead of selling, this is a sign that important modifications must be made in your company. And the alternative that will help you economize money is represented by outsourced IT support. You pay an outsourced IT support business every month and also your personnel to do their jobs.

Finally, if you opt for outsourced IT support, don’t forget about the service level agreement (SLA) which has to be comprised in your contract. This means that in case the business which is supposed to provide you outsourced IT support doesn’t respect its commitment; it will deal with financial penalties.

However, this doesn’t apply to in-house IT support, hence there is a greater possibility for you demands to be accomplished by outsourced IT support.

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3 Responses to “Outsourced vs. In-house IT Support: Which is best for your business?”

  1. Alphonse Estrada

    Jun 20. 2013

    However, even if a company adds peer-to-peer to its support options, at the end of the day, it will still have an incredible number of people, in-house or outsourced, with headsets on saying “How may I help you?” And that is where the wheels come off the cart.

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    • Avinash

      Jun 21. 2013

      Great comment, Thanks Alphonse 🙂

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  2. Alex

    Nov 19. 2013

    Outsource with Backbone, for cost effective solutions, tailor made programs and solid IT support 🙂

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