mobile technology evolution

The Development of Mobile Technology

Communication is a necessity for human life. By the communication, people can interact and get to know the surroundings well. A new era in the field of wireless communications has emerged, along with the development of communication technology, especially wireless ... Continue Reading →
hardware cleaning tips

Keep it Clean: What’s Lurking in Your IT Equipment?

Office life requires we use a computer every single day – but how often do we clean our equipment? Cleaning is something that’s often overlooked when it comes to technology, but if you knew exactly what was lurking under those keys, or inside your laptop screen, ... Continue Reading →
Chromebook vs. Windows Comparison

Chromebook vs. Windows Comparison

The Chromebook is a hot item; a sort of scaled-back, stripped down version of a laptop. They appeal especially to people who really just want a means to do things online and run apps, real basic stuff. As a result, they offer the average user a very inexpensive ... Continue Reading →
awesome tech gadgets for kids

5 Awesome Tech Gadgets For College Kids

With colleges and universities now starting their Fall 2014 semesters, thoughts turn to students heading back to school with the latest and greatest in tech in order to make studies, life, and leisure all the easier. Because, after all, that’s what the new ... Continue Reading →
essential ipod gadgets

6 iPod Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

If there’s anything cooler than owning an iPod, it’s owning an iPod that’s tricked out with the latest and greatest in accessories. After all, how can you adequately establish your geek cred if your iPod isn’t sporting all sorts of nifty ... Continue Reading →
gps automotive car navigation

High-end Automotive GPS Systems

If there’s any one thing that has turned “You can’t get there from here” into an endangered species, it’s the GPS. Thanks to the GPS, men don’t ever have to stop to ask for directions, because it doesn’t count if a cool ... Continue Reading →
Android smartphone Google Nexus 7 in 2013 latest gadgets

What’s New in the new Google Nexus 7 (2013)?

The 7 inch tablet from Google has been under steady spotlight since a year and a half now. And deservingly so! Last year it proved to be a prolifically used tab among the tab users’ fraternity but the features needed some serious revisions. Even though Nexus ... Continue Reading →
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