6 Awesome Office Gadgets For High-Tech Startups

Starting up a high-tech company is stressful, exhausting and the perfect excuse for getting some office gadgets. Therefore, you have to get your enjoyment wherever you can find it, and if that means focusing on nifty toys for around the office, then so be it.

Happy Business Gadgets

Call it a way of mixing business with pleasure, as well as a means of keeping what’s left of your sanity after working impossibly long hours and subsisting on caffeine, craft beer, and energy drinks. Here are six office gadgets you need…no, make that want.

these office gadgets will bring happiness and success to your start up business

Behold, the humble USB port; the life-blood of so many high-tech toys

USB Cup Warmer

There you are, burning the midnight oil, slaving away at whatever startup-related crisis that has been thrown at you. You reach for your coffee mug, take a sip, and…BLEAGH! Your coffee is cold. But with the USB cup warmer, all you do is plug this little baby into your laptop’s USB port, and that beverage stays warm.

The Wiki USB Fridge: Office Gadgets

Okay, so your hot drink stays hot. What about that cold beer of yours? Certainly you can’t leave your refreshing beverage out in the..er..cold, can you? This is a PC/Mac compatible mini-fridge that plugs into your system’s USB port (with all of these USB-driven accessories, you may want to consider investing in a multi-hub USB adapter!). This baby comes with four feet of cable, so you have a lot of flexibility in where you put it.

MP 410 Mobile Projector by 3M

As an employee at a start-up, you face the need to make presentations to prospective clients, investors, and venture capitalists. Since you don’t want to lug a big projector with you for those away meetings, consider the small (4 x 4 x2 inches) MP410 mobile projector. The MP 410 proves that good things come in small packages, because it will give you full-size performance in a nice portable accessory.

Hover Bar for iPad 2 by Twelve South

The Hover Bar is an office gadgets accessory that attaches to your monitor and lets your iPad conveniently hang next to the screen. So your Mac and your iPad can become this awesome computing partnership.

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Eaton 3S Uninterruptable Power Supply

When you work at a start-up, you can’t let anything cripple your operation. Even something like a power loss, which may be easily dealt with by a larger, established company, can be catastrophic for your fledgling business. But now, there’s no reason to be left in the dark. The Eaton 3S stores up sufficient power to keep your computers running for a limited amount of time after you experience a loss of power. In addition, it’s a surge protector, something that no business ever has too many of.

Livescribe 4 GB Echo Smartpen

You’ve heard of a smart phone, but what about a smart pen? With the Livescribe, you can store over 800 hours of audio and also capture thousands of pages of notes , and then send them to your iPhone, iPad, or computer courtesy of, yes, a USB port. Enjoy pretending that you’re a high-tech spy while actually wielding a convenient, functional piece of electronic gear that will make your life easier. See, office gadgets can be useful!

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