What’s New in the new Google Nexus 7 (2013)?

The 7 inch tablet from Google has been under steady spotlight since a year and a half now. And deservingly so! Last year it proved to be a prolifically used tab among the tab users’ fraternity but the features needed some serious revisions. Even though Nexus 7 posed some crucial challenges to some top tab brands including Apple and Sony, it failed in certain points when it came to complete compatibility. But Asus had not given up on the potential of its product and after months of revisions and deliberations, rumors and apprehensions, Google finally launched the new version of the same smart tab in US, this August, 2013.

Latest Android with Google Nexus 7

The budget tablet in its version 2 is packed with absolutely mesmerizing features, doing justice to its tagline- “Made for what matters”. Thin, smart, light, fast and bold, version 2 of Nexus 7 has all that a tablet needs to take the user on a fulfilling ride.

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What’s new in the new version of Google Nexus 7?

First major difference is of course the price. When Nexus 7 came to market, it was tagged at a price as low as Rs. 11,999 and the 2013 version has been launched at Rs. 20,999 in the market. Costing 42.85% more than the predecessor. Let us then consider the tangible factors of these two tablets. The new Nexus 7 sports a thinness of 8.65 mm, weighs 290 gm, and is 200 mm in height whereas, the 2012 version of the Nexus 7 was 10.45 mm thin, weighed 340 gm and was slightly lesser than 200 mm in height.

The Operating system of latest Nexus 7 is the latest Android 4.4 whereas the 2012 version’s OS is Android 4.2. The processor is 1.5- GHZ Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro in case of the new Nexus, whereas the old one had the processor to be NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core. What further steals the show is of course the up-gradation in terms of pixels and RAM. The 2013 version is power-packed with visual clarity- pixel rate reading to be 1920 X 1200 (beating even the Rs. 29,999 quoted Xperia Z) and the RAM has been extended to that of 2 GB. The MP of the front camera remains the same in case of both the Nexus-es but what makes this different is Google’s introducing the rear camera in it (which was not there in the old version). The 4G LTE makes the wireless experience much more exciting in case of the new version and topping everything is the slate measurement- 0.3 inches.

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Nexus 7 (2013) is a matter of clarity and expertise

A reality screen

The performance of a tablet heavily depends on its screen.  If the visual clarity is not fulfilling, it tires the eyes, takes away the enthusiasm of the user and makes playing, browsing and typing extremely painful. For all practical purposes, the Nexus 7 screen is just what you want. Nothing gets compromised in terms of colors, angles, touch sensitivity and resolution. The screen is a great example of android experience.

Power-packed build

Google has put its best step forward when it comes to punch in great stuff in its Nexus 7 2013 version. From no angle is this tablet plasticky or cheap in look. Even though made of plastic, the rubber coating in the back takes it to a different level altogether, giving it a premium stature. The bezel looks elite because of the pinch of aluminum that has gone behind its finishing and the light sturdy look makes the latest Nexus 7 a rich hold.

Updated software

Reviewers find it to be a product of “pure” Android. Devoid of any third party component, Google has crafted the entire software from its own core products, affecting the performance for better. The latest version of Android- 4.4 has been squeezed in the OS and is backed with the power to update itself whenever Google launches any new version of Android.

Clearly, Google has tied all the loose ends that it had left behind in the 2012 Nexus and this tablet lives entirely up to tablet users’ expectations, leaving no stones unturned to make the tablet experience way richer.

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