Designing Achievements for Your Games: How to work in it

Games are meant to add fun to our daily lives, while some take it as mere time pass or leisure activity some form a group of serious gamers and pursue different categories of online as well as offline games dedicatedly. Many platforms like the PSPs, Xbox, desktop as well as TV and other have different interactive gameplays designed and constructed to suit needs of the platform and the players.

design achievements for gaming

A game achievement is a well thought and intelligently applied way to keep users constantly wanting more. Achievements have many purposes and roles to play in a games design like:

  • They indicate success of the player, keeps one motivated to march forward on the game map.
  • They are used to indicate level completion or near completion, based on game design.
  • Achievements like ratings, coins etc are generally used to show off or compare success rate in the game, among players. Many online groups and portals (dedicated to lovers of specific internet games) are based on the concept.
  • Another important task accomplished by the achievements designed into the structure of the game is attaining player’s concentration. With in-built and sparsely placed rewards the want to reach the next reward point, grasp the new weapon, and gain more health points etc keeps the player going.

Types of achievements

Achievements in games can be simple to complex, reward to mere appreciation or just little fun elements. But an achievement is something the player looks forward too feels great to achieve and comes back for more. Thus structuring achievements as an integral part of the game play has somewhat become an essential requirement. Designing achievements and intelligently placing or using them at right places and stages of the game is a big challenge. Technological tools are handy to give shape to thoughts but what forms basis of these thoughts remains important while designing achievements.

Designing achievements along with the game plan

Achievements for sure have a prime importance in success rating of a game. Some major aspects to be considered while designing achievements are:

  • The appropriate time: This would be the exact stage of the game when the developer thinks the player has come far enough to on the game map or has gained much experience with the game. For such ‘farsighted or focussed’ achievements, generally extra lives, extra combat powers or bonus health, new weapons or key to hidden treasure and similar stuff can work. As with these the player is expected to have spent much time playing the game, has gained experience and already developed interest in the game.
  • Sometimes reverse of ‘focussed’ achievements are needed. By this, we simply mean that achievements in form of little rewards of appreciative messages, extra or bonus coins and alike can be placed at very early stages or initial simpler levels of the game. The main purpose here remains to keep appreciating the players’ effort and keep him motivated to play. Also, a reason to re-try the level to get better rating or more coins.
  • Another feature specific for game achievement designing is their presentation or form. If virtual physical rewards are being planned, they should be attractive. While the messages of praise or appreciation shall be motivating and can be funny too. The form in which these rewards or achievements appear can be made a part of the gameplay by including them or offering them en route level completion or directly presented at end depicting completion of the level.

The whole idea of including achievements as parts of game design is to keep the players interested in the game, comeback for more, feel involved in the game and look forward to new levels, sequences and versions of the game launched in future. Intelligent use of designing tools, creative positioning and wise placement of appropriate game achievements works just the right way to make a game famous and no less than an absolute favourite among the gaming enthusiasts.

Jason Phillips wrote this article. He is a freelance writer and blogger. He is a game designer at Sonic Games 365, a site for online gaming. His hobbies are playing games and cooking.

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