The Future of Game Designs and Its Impact on the Player

In the next few years, game designs will probably suffer several major alterations, and they’re expected to provide players from all over the globe remarkable and improved, gaming experiences. Will Wright, who founded the widespread franchises, SimCity and The Sims, has taken a step back to analyze these issues more attentively. He recently offered an interview to GameHorizon, and presented his visions and anticipations of the evolution of game designs in the following years. He made sure to explain how these modifications will impact the relationship between a game design and it players.

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The gaming industry is constantly progressing

Wright claimed that the gaming industry is going through a very explosive period, in terms of game development. Likewise, he added that the gaming evolution is now experiencing an astonishing branching, which will most probably result in a new democratization period, in which the player will be the center of attention, this being an attempt to eliminate any remorse that may be coming from the buyers.

Additionally, the whole game industry is now packed with lots of new and extremely talented designers, who have just started working; thus, players can expect outstanding improvements in the near future. The Sim City developer argues that their principal aim is make the games as real as possible because this is what the audience expects to see. According to most studies, gamers will want to play original games that are built around their own, personal lives.

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The future gaming industry comes with lower costs

Because the gaming industry is changing all the time, it can be challenging to predict modifications that will appear on the way. Nevertheless, just by taking a glimpse at what the audience desires, you can make a general idea of what will happen next.

For instance, one of the first changes will imply decreased costs. Although it’s obvious that you cannot create something, and promote it on the market without investing large amounts of cash, the popularity of all future games will depend on their cost. Also, if you’re a game developer, you should know that each time a huge sum of cash is invested in a game concept, it features an increased risk of failing, either because the audience cannot cover the entire investment, or because it’s impossible to stay within the budget.

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Game design and innovation go hand in hand

Design innovation used to be developers’ main concern, and it involved generating brand loyalty, and developing inspired marketing strategies. Also, design innovation means that the game has to use cutting-edge technologies, ground-breaking mechanisms, outstanding worlds, and feature realistic themes. And, if innovation is not achieved, then it means that the developers are no longer able to produce something interesting. Nevertheless, in spite of the public opinion, uninspired developers, grudging publishers, budget and hardware constrains are only some of the factors that make innovation impossible, and the reality is that there are various fruitful corporations, like Nintendo, were none of these factors apply, but they are still popular.

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Do not Confuse Games with Art

The moment we will see a video games exhibition, then we will be right to claim that games are a more eccentric, and modern form of art. For now, only hardcore gamers consider games a form of art, and unfortunately that’s not enough. If you want to know why games are far from being a form of art, here are a few reasons.

For starters, not all people have access to games, and some of them cannot even use their controls. Plus, their level of sophistication is relatively low, making it impossible for specialists, and literary critiques to praise games in art communities. Although games feature interesting plots and remarkable intrigues, they will always be less artistic than the movies.

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What should consumers expect from video games from now on?

Overall, most games will be centered on players’ hobbies, and favorite spare time activities. As you have probably already observed, the majority of your pastimes are based on entertaining activities that involve competition and creation. Well, game developers will try to find brand new ways of interacting with the content, and adding more attractive features. Also, the games will most probably be separated into novelties and activities, and the novelties will keep gamers interested, while the activities will never allow them to get bored.

The article is written by Jason Phillips. He runs a number of online gaming site including Motorbike Games 365. He also loves watching movies and cooking at his free time.

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