A Review of LEGO: Indiana Jones

After three successful LEGO: Star Wars titles, Traveller’s Tales has set its sights on the Indiana Jones franchise. Some of the faults of the previous games have been carried over, but LEGO: Indiana Jones is a very worthy entry in an already impressive series and does make some significant improvements from the previous titles.

Indiana Jones games by LEGO review


LEGO: Indiana Jones covers all three original films in the series. For the most part, the game follows the films well, b

ut a few parts have been added or altered to make the story more suited to the video game medium. For example, multiple puzzles and traps have been added that did not appear in the films. These changes were made to enhance the game play and do not take away from the story.

Game Play

The game play is very similar to that of the LEGO: Star Wars titles, though this time there are more puzzles, and adventuring is a more prominent theme throughout. The player controls one of several characters, including Indiana Jones, his father or Short Round. The game contains many platform elements, such as scaling walls and avoiding traps. Each character has specific strengths and abilities, such as Indiana Jones’ whip, which has numerous uses.

Combat is mostly hand-to-hand, and Indiana Jones has some very nice moves, such as a body slam and drop kick. The player can pick up guns from fallen foes, but they have limited ammunition and don’t last very long. The game also includes several vehicle levels. The coop mode is particularly well done, in that a player can join in and drop out at any time without disrupting the flow of the game. A new feature added to LEGO: Indiana Jones is the ability to create new characters. This is done at Indiana Jones’ base, Burnett College, where the player can also buy characters and view awards and trophies earned.


There are not many problems to be found in LEGO: Indiana Jones and those present are relatively minor. The first problem is the lack of any online component. While this is not essential, it would be nice to play with an online partner when no real-world partner can be found. Alternatively, to make real-world partners easier to use, the friendly AI could be improved. For example, it is too easy to run off and leave an AI partner behind, causing them to die when the screen moves on.

One of the biggest drawbacks is the fact that most enemies have firearms, while the player is mostly limited to hand-to-hand combat. This leads to unnecessary damage and sometimes deaths before the player can even reach the enemies.


LEGO: Indiana Jones is a highly entertaining adventure game that will provide hours of fun for players all ages. With many levels to explore and countless secret areas and hidden treasures, the game has a very high replay value. There are numerous playable characters to discover or unlock, including many iconic characters from the Star Wars universe. With incredible music and edge-of-your-seat storyline, LEGO: Indiana Jones is a great game that should not be overlooked!

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