Slotomania Video Slots Games Review

There is a lot of demand for mobile phone gaming applications, especially the ones that can be used for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, etc. Taking a cue from the popularity of Video Slots Games and corresponding online slot games, Playtika came up with Slotomania. This application mimics a lot of what is already available in online slot games and real life clubs, though some of the common features such as fruit machines have given way to more machines in the program.

slotomania games review

What does Slotomania Offer?

For starters, it offers attractively colored impressive graphics. Music is good too, and so are realistic online slot games. It has multiple slot machines alright. There are bonus games too to keep the player interested in continuing playing. There are more bet lines in this online casino especially developed for iPhones, and iOS compatible devices.

The positive thing is that there is no money even after winning a ton and spending some time, the player does not get addicted to the habit of betting. Slotomania is designed to give just fun to the players. Each player is allocated some coins at the start of each day. However, it is possible to reseed by spending some genuine money to buy those coins. Alternately, people can reseed by borrowing or gifting. That makes this online slots game more of a social networking type of game apart from giving actual slot game experience. In real life, it would indeed be hard to get that much of fun money to gamble from a friend.

Is it Fun?

Yes, it certainly is fun! However with money not likely to come in, some people would get bored. Features of Slotomania though try to keep people engaged for longer than other games in the same category. People can return to it, because of the realistic slot games experience it creates. Perhaps, players can form an external set of friends who play the game simultaneously. For the iPhone application that comes free of cost, Slotomania definitely deserves a mention because of its strikingly unique features, sound, and graphics, design, etc. The concept of rich folks gifting or lending to friends is also interesting and novel concept. Here the developer is also establishing a social group for this. Perhaps, the intention was to create social links for marketing products in the future. If so, the idea does seem far-fetched. But that is not the only reason this application would cease to be in memory.


Basically, slotomania is a fun game, and people love playing slots games even if the real money is not coming. It is so much entertaining that people do not mind spending money to replenish their coins if they are hooked to such games. To utilize your free time Slotomania is definitely a unique game to be downloaded on your devices. This is one of the best options for playing slot games online and without indulging in the betting. It is giving much competition to other slot games and it has bright prospects in the future.

However, a few of its unique features may get copied into other video slot games that will soon flood iPhone application market. But the application does offer one great advantage. It can help people who have never been to clubhouses or even near any betting machine to understand what such games are all about, and how they are played. Such experience can be invaluable before going to Vegas or other gaming havens!

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