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Online Resources For Advancing Your Graphic Design Career

While it’s always a good idea to continue sharpening your work-related skills, it becomes almost a necessity if your job relies heavily on creativity; such as a writer, artist, or graphic design. As good as you are and as talented as you are, there’s ... Continue Reading →
free online software tools for graphic development

Free Software Tools to Help in Graphic Design

Graphic designers are having a hard time these days, as are web designers because the massive popularity of the Internet has made their profession more competitive with less people to sell to. That is why up and coming graphic designers need all the help they can ... Continue Reading →

Giving Your Pictures HDR Look Using GIMP

Before I start writing this article, I’ve to admit that I’m a big fan of HDR photography. HDR photographs are so full of magic but all this magical goodness comes with a price. Not everybody is equipped with high-quality photography gears. Cams that support ... Continue Reading →
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Why Have a Custom Designed Logo?

In today’s world where graphic design tutorial sites are mushrooming up in every nook & cranny of the World Wide Web, nobody seems to like a template-based design. It’s a complete no-brainer if someone decides to take the template-route. The reason is pretty ... Continue Reading →