Online Resources For Advancing Your Graphic Design Career

While it’s always a good idea to continue sharpening your work-related skills, it becomes almost a necessity if your job relies heavily on creativity; such as a writer, artist, or graphic design. As good as you are and as talented as you are, there’s always more you can learn. It’s important to have a teachable spirit (both in and out of the context of your job, for that matter).

So now that we’ve established that it’s a wise idea to keep improving your skills, how does someone like a graphic designer take advantage of the wonderful world of the Internet in order to achieve this beneficial undertaking? Well, if you’re working in the graphic/web designing field, here’s some resources that you can use to improve yourself and thereby make yourself all the more marketable (and that includes the right to charge more!).

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You can find a lot of help online for becoming a more capable designer

Graphic Design Degree Hub

If you are a graphic designer without a degree, maybe you should consider changing that. Furthermore, if you don’t have time to go back to school, then you should consider these advantages to getting your graphic design degree online. The Graphic Design Degree Hub offers information on the best places to get a graphic design degree, be that an associates or bachelor degree, all by means of an online curriculum. You’ll find information on top online degrees, the most economical programs, and data on salaries, all conveniently located on one site!


This site is a list of the 200 best graphic design, app, and web design tools and resources, divided into categories such as “Vectors, Icons, Bundles, Brushes and Deals”, “The Big Four Online Design Networks/Empires”, and “Mobile App Development Tools and Resources”. It’s a cornucopia of information, so you better set aside a good chunk of time to fully explore the site.

Inspired Magazine

If there’s one thing that we creative types can always use is inspiration. Inspired Magazine, boasting over 45,000 subscribers has daily articles and resources for web designers and developers. Founded in 2009, Inspired has grown into a great resource for people who use their creativity in their everyday job.

If you’re a blogger or designer and you want some new tools and tricks, check out Hongkiat. It’s a design weblog that has lots of nifty information for the creative mind that wants to expand its horizons. In addition to their articles, Hongkiat also has a few icons available.

Web Design Shock

If it’s WordPress themes and/or icons that you want, then check out Web Design Shock. You’ll get those things in addition to a convenient list of articles on a wide variety of topics from Blogging to Web Design and everything in between. They also have a sense of humor, which makes for a very pleasant reading experience.


And to round things out, here’s an online community you may want to check out. DesignersCouch is an online designer community that lets you upload your portfolio and have your peers look it over and critique it. There’s also a decent collection of related articles and design collections available. Now the drawback: space is limited and it’s by invitation only. So if you’re feeling lucky, get on the waiting list and see what develops.

Graphic Design For Everyone

And there you have it; a half-dozen resources for advancing your design career. The list is by no means complete, and there are plenty of tricks and tips out there awaiting your discovery. However, you’ll be off to a very respectable start if you take advantage of these graphic design sites.

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