Internet of things (IoT)

SDN And The Internet Of Things

By now, it’s very likely you’ve heard about the Internet of Things and how it’s changing how we live today. Bottom line, the IoT gives our appliances, vehicles, wearable tech, pets, and whatever else, built-in sensors and automated Internet access, ... Continue Reading →
Benefit From Hosted PBX

Can Your Company Benefit From Hosted PBX?

If you want your business to remain on the cutting edge of competitiveness without running up big expenditures, you may want to consider a hosted PBX for your communication needs. It’s the Communication Age, and changes come fast and furious. A hosted PBX ... Continue Reading →
The Internet of Things - IoT

How the Internet of Things is Impacting Desginers

Whenever a new innovation comes along and begins rising in importance and visibility, two important resulting questions are “what is this thing?” and “how does this affect my occupation/field?” The Internet of Things is just the latest advancement ... Continue Reading →
YouTube and Twitch

YouTube and Twitch Wants to Compete on Home Turf

The video streaming service YouTube Live is about to undergo a major overhaul. The purpose? Focus on video games, especially the e-sport. Following the failure of negotiations to acquire Twitch, Google seems to perceive the new Amazon property as a significant ... Continue Reading →
YouTube adopts the default HTML5 video

Farewell Flash YouTube adopts the default HTML5 video player

Chrome browsers, Internet Explorer 11, and Safari beta versions of Firefox will automatically display the view HTML5 video player during their next visit to YouTube. There are 4 years, YouTube’s engineers incorporated the <video> tag in HTML5 from the ... Continue Reading →
Unblocked websites

HideIPVPN offers total anonymity on the web through their encryption services

Anonymity on the web has become a luxury on the internet these days. With the recent allegations and contention that there are many secret services and agencies that are tracking everyone on the internet, the current experience is somewhat diabolical. Privacy stands ... Continue Reading →
cloud Backups

Five cloud trends which would be worrisome in 2015

There are numerous emerging technologies on the rise nowadays, but cloud computing is by farthe one with the quickest adoption rate. Cloud-related services are expanding and improving with each day, but that doesn’t mean the technology doesn’t have its flaws, ... Continue Reading →
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