How These Apps Help Get The Most From Big Data

Big Data consists of all sorts of information, gathered from all manner of sources, delivered to you with breath-taking speed, a barely manageable cornucopia of data that’s supposed to be there for your advantage. The problem is that Big Data’s sheer volume requires a means of digesting the data bit by bit, like any rational human being would do. Fortunately, there are plenty of apps out there that help you Big Data into something useful.

Businesses and organizations today are using Big Data to help them succeed and grow. Here are some specific examples of how these apps help maximize Big Data. Once you’ve been enlightened, try some further reading on the topic by checking out the article “5 Keys To Getting The Most Out Of Big Data Apps” for some general advice.

big data analysis
Big data apps help make the glut of information more manageable

Cloudera Enterprise

Cloudera has been involved in the home automation industry. Their app provides data gathered from intelligent devices and sensors that are deployed in and around houses. This information includes geo-location, behavior, and actionable events, which help companies gain a better understanding of their customers and how they live their lives at home. They collect data by means of thermostats, smart appliances, video cameras, window and door sensors, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors; a classic example of the Internet of Things, another concept that’s been on the rise over the last few years.

Esri ArcGIS

At least fifty percent of the population of our planet lives in urban areas, and in another forty years, that number will jump to around seventy percent. The Esri ArcGIS app facilitates the creation of data-driven maps and visualizations. Maps are seen as the common language that can bring together the urban specialists, developers, and policy-makers from all over the globe, allowing easy comparisons and contrasts, and helping to predict trends and patterns. This app is useful in a number of fields, everything from retailers finding out where their promotions are best received, to climatologists tracking the impact of shifting weather patterns, to immunologists seeing where outbreaks of disease are occurring. Apps like this help to overcome the language barrier and enable projects to go truly global.

PredPol, Inc.

Here’s an example of creative repurposing of a Big Data app into something that sounds like it was taken from a science-fiction story. The Los Angeles and Santa Cruz police departments, teamed up with a group of educators and PredPol Inc., took an algorithm that was used to predict earthquakes, made some changes, and started feeding it crime stats. The result was software that could predict the likely occurrence of crimes down to 500 square feet. As a result of this app, there has been a 21% decrease in violent crimes and a 33% drop in burglaries in the areas of Los Angeles where the software is being used. Sounds like something right out of the television show “Person of Interest”, doesn’t it?

Big Data And The Morton’s Steakhouse Stunt

This final example really drives home the power of Big Data and how it can be used to build brand recognition and gain amazing amounts of not only publicity but customer loyalty. The steakhouse happened to see a tweet from a loyal customer (and frequent tweeter) who cracked a joke about how the steakhouse should have a steak dinner sent to him at an airport in Newark, where the customer would be arriving on a late flight after a long day on the job. Morton’s was able to pull up the data on what he usually ordered, then looked up what flight he was on, and had a delivery person dressed in a tuxedo, waiting for him with a dinner.

This last case should drive home two very important points. First of all, customers who put their words out there into the ether may end up attracting the attention of whoever it is they’re talking about (for whatever good or ill that results), and that’s a powerful concept. Secondly, businesses can use Big Data to figure out what their customers want, and get it to them in sometimes surprising ways. After all, don’t you think that despite the fact that the steak dinner was a one-time stunt, Morton’s didn’t get a huge amount of exposure for it? They raised the bar for their competitors!

These are just some examples of how apps can help businesses take advantage of Big Data and wield it as a truly powerful tool in the ongoing struggle to get to the top of the heap.

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