What to look for when picking business cloud storage services?

More and more businesses are using cloud data storage, recognizing the significant advantages that it offers. If a fire, earthquake, or tornado damages the computer systems in your office, your off-site cloud backups will be safe and untouched. In addition to being disaster-proof, you don’t need to worry about server operations and upgrades, and your data is available whenever you want to access it, from anywhere on the internet. If you’re looking at cloud storage services for your business, here are some factors to consider.

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You need your data to be accessible whenever you need it, so this is a critical factor. If you have system downtime due to your cloud service provider, this could impact your business negatively. There are different tiers of reliability you can get. The higher tiers provide more safety, but cost more, so it’s a tradeoff you need to think about. Tier 1 cloud services promise 99.671% uptime, while tier 4 services provide 99.995% availability. Tier 4 services use advanced technology in order to offer the most reliable services available.

Storage space

Think about how much space you will need for all of your data and application storage. You can get cloud storage in amounts from as small as 1 GB, to virtually unlimited amounts at the top end. You pay for the service based on how much space you are using, so you don’t want to pay for a lot more than you need right now.

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This is directly related to storage space. You don’t want to pay for much more than you need right now, but instead you want something which is easily scalable. This means you’ll be able to increase your storage space quickly and cost-effectively when you need to add capacity. A provider that gives you flexibility in adding (or reducing) space as you need it makes it easy to adjust as your needs change.


Not only does your data need to be accessible when you need it, but it also needs to be securely inaccessible to hackers and criminals. Ask potential providers about their security measures, and how they protect your data. Ideally, they will encrypt all of your data both while it’s stored, and while it is transmitted to and from their servers, with a minimum of 256-bit encryption. The service should also be using SSL (Secure Socket Layer), and have data storage both at their site as well as off-site.


Your cloud storage can provide you with the protection and peace of mind of regular backups. If something happens to one of your files, whether due to a technical problem or a human error, you should be able to easily restore to a prior version of the file. Backup practices vary greatly between providers, so find out how each company handles the backups, and how often files are backed up. Do they back things up daily, hourly, or whenever a change is made? How many versions are stored, and how easy is it to get a file restored?

Automatic sync

Business users who use and rely on the cloud, need automatic syncing. This feature is able to keep your files updated and perform any necessary edits in real time. Not all cloud storage services have automatic sync functionalities, and this can cause a lot of problems for companies if they forget to sync their important data and files prior to their following business encounter overseas. By making use of automatic syncing, you can rest-assured that your information is always kept up-to-date.

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Viewing/editing files inside the cloud

Every business relying on cloud storage services should opt for a platform that permits viewing/editing inside the cloud. It can be extremely challenging to transfer files from gadget to gadget on a daily basis, and company owner need immediate access to their data regardless of their location. Most cloud computing services permit uses to modify files existent in the cloud from any type of smartphone, computer, or tablet, as long as the user is connected to the internet.

Selecting the right cloud storage services for your company is not an easy task. Perform a thorough research before deciding on a provider, and check their references and former customers. You want someone trustworthy who can take good care of your data, and for that to happen you may have to pay more for quality.

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