4 Tools To Use for a More Successful and Effective Webinar

Holding webinars is one of the best ways for your business to deliver content to your audience and getting said audience down your conversion funnel. However, before you could even enjoy the benefits of a webinar, the first step is to actually learn how to launch a successful webinar.

If you have launched a webinar before and want to improve on your previous outing to provide a better experience for your participants, below are tools that you should use.

webinar tools

Better online meeting platform

Tool to use: ClickMeeting

Not all online meeting platforms are made the same. Each possesses different features, some of which you may find useful for your webinar. But there are functions that won’t serve any purpose to your webinar goals and objectives.

One of the best features that you want for your webinar, and something that ClickMeeting offers, is the ability rebrand the waiting and meeting room where your attendees will pool together. Even if you’re not a designer, you can easily upload your business logos and promotional graphics to the platform so that it appears on the room. You can also choose a specific template and redesign it using your business colors for maximum impact.

Promote your webinar

Tool to use: Oktopost

Reaching out to your target audience and getting them to sign up to your webinar is made much easier through social media.

If you have a developed a dedicated following with your business, you can simply publish a post or tweet informing them to sign up to your webinar.

To make the process much easier, especially if you manage multiple social media accounts, create an account at Oktopost and post your message from its dashboard so you can oversee all your social media accounts in one window.

Aside from simply posting, you can create a Facebook Event, LinkedIn Event, and Google+ Event to further promote the webinar. Share these events to your target audience and get as many confirmations from attendees as you can. Update the created event pages with relevant information about your webinar to keep participants posted.

Get more signups

Tool to use: OptinMonster

Users need to see from your website that you have an upcoming webinar so they can sign up and join. One of the best ways to do this is by setting up an eye-catching opt-in form that appears on the page.

Among the different opt-in forms available, OptinMonster lets you easily design your own attractive form in a matter of minutes that only appear on specific pages on your site. This tool also lets you track the performance of your forms and lets you conduct A/B testing to see which forms are the most effective.

Make your presentation available for download

Tool to use: SlideShare

After the presentation, you can send the slide deck to participants if they want a copy for their personal reference. But how about those who missed out on the webinar but want to learn about what you discussed in your presentation?

With the help of SlideShare, you can make your slideshow presentation available to the public. You can choose to simply upload the slide deck to your SlideShare account and have it shown on public for free. The tool also allows you to embed the slideshow to any page of your site to increase its visibility.

To boost your lead generation campaign, you can enable the slide for download so people can still get a copy of your presentation on their hard drive. However, this feature on LinkedIn is only available for users who have paid for a LinkedIn Enterprise account.

By doing these, you are able to drum up interest in your upcoming webinars and encourage more signups, if they were impressed with your presentation on SlideShare.

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