Top Free Texting Apps You Should Know About

For many people, sending a text message is a little less intrusive than making a call. After all, a phone call has that whole constant ringing thing and implicit expectation of immediate action going against it, whereas a text message modestly announces itself with a single tone, and has that whole “Hey whenever you get the chance, check this out. No pressure, okay?” vibe to it.

top messaging applications for your smartphone
Free apps make texting an even more attractive option than calling

So, in an effort to propagate text messaging, here are a handful of the better texting apps available for your Android or iPhone.


Pinger gives you free text messaging and free voice communication. It’s supported by free ads, so you’ll get the occasional commercial every so often. They provide you with a unique free phone number that you can use to accept unlimited incoming calls and send unlimited free texts to any phone, be it a land line or smart phone, provided it’s in the United States and Canada. You’re also given ten free minutes for outbound calls, and you can either purchase additional minutes or earn them.


The stand out feature of this app is your ability to message friends and family who are on many of the more popular instant messaging networks such as AIM, Facebook Chat, Skype, and Google Talk. You can synch all of these networks to your account, and gives you the ability to send photos, video, emoticons, and voice messages free of charge. This app is useable not only by Android and iOS, but also Blackberry and Nokia.

Facebook Messenger

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention that the 600-pound gorilla of social networks also has a messenger app. Messenger connects easily to your Facebook account, and enables you to send text messages, sending voice messages, photos, and searched images to other Facebook friends even if you’re not currently signed on. Messenger also has Chat Heads, which are small round profile shots of the people who you are messaging with (and the ubiquitous red balloons with the number of unread messages right there underneath them!).

KaKao Talk

As long as you already have a phone number, you can take advantage of this app. It lets you call and text anywhere for free, and it actually supports a dozen different languages. This is a cool app for people who want to do things a little differently; because KaKao Talk gives you animated emoticons, funny voice filters when making phone calls, and even a walkie-talkie setting. You can do group chats, and send photos and video.


This one’s a little different and has actually been in the news lately, so it bears mention. SnapChat’s biggest selling point, and one that really got people’s attention is the claim that it’s a messaging app that lets you share videos and images quickly, but they don’t linger. So you can theoretically send that selfie showing the RuPaul tattoo on your butt and it will self-destruct when the timer kicks in (up to ten seconds). You can include a small amount of text as well. Problem is, according to the Federal Trade Commission, there are several ways of saving messages. For instance, if people take this particular advice to heart about backing up everything, then maybe SnapChat’s biggest feature may actually not be as impressive as once believed. In any event, it’s worth a look.

Apps for Everyone

So there you have it; five good apps for texting. There’s a lot more out there, but these apps should keep you entertained for quite some time. Enjoy these apps!

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