5 Google Extensions That Make Life Easier

These days, it’s not just important to have the right browser for your Internet needs, but also the right extension, plug-ins, and what have you. Problem is, there are a lot of them out there. Which ones are the ones worth getting, and which are the ones that you should pass on?

Here are a selection of five extensions that make your Internet experience run a bit smoother, particularly in the context of running your own business. If you want some more useful choices, check out the article “7 Killer Google Chrome Extensions For Your Business.” Unless otherwise noted, the extensions are free of charge, so that’s a benefit already!

helpful google extensions
One notable extension featured here is LastPass, which helps you manage the many passwords you have to juggle


If you look online for Internet security tips, you will invariably encounter this gem: use different passwords for each website you access; having the same password for each account means hackers only need to make one guess. So even though using the same password for everything is a no-no, when you consider just how many websites want account names and websites, you’re starting to rack up some major work here. But LastPass integrates all of those (hopefully different!) passwords in one place. The extension delivers ease of operation and security, all in one nifty package.

Awesome Screenshot Extension

Three guesses as to what this extension does, and the first two don’t count! Why bother writing out long, drawn-out descriptions that more often than not will only be skimmed by the reader, when you can take a screen shot of what you’re talking about, annotate it as needed, and send it along? Once you’re done with it, you can save it to your desktop or to Google Drive. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Considering that increasing amounts of our data is finding its way onto our computers, or in the cloud, it only makes sense to have an extension that allows cross-platform access to all of your data regardless of what device you’re using and where that information resides. With Evernote, you store and organize all of your data in one place, and backed with a robust search function, you can access any of that information quickly and easily.

Open SEO Stats (formerly: PageRank Status)

Small businesses that want to foster a strong Internet presence benefit from keeping an eye on stats such as Google page rank. This extension shows you a figure in a white bar, reflecting the strength of a website’s SEO, on a scale from one to ten. Eight or nine is good, while one or two is bad. We won’t even discuss what a zero means. Anyway, Open SEO Stats is the perfect way to easily access the Google PageRank (PR), Compete Rank, Quantcast Rank, and Alexa Rank of the current web page. You also get information on things like indexed pages, cached pages, backlinks, socials, and more. Armed with this data, you can see which websites would make good potential partners.


Back in the Old Days, before computers, smart phones, and the Internet, primitive man would keep his receipts and bills in one convenient container, usually something improvised, such as a shoebox. This extension conjures up those simpler days with its quaint, evocative name, as it let you store recipes, bills, and more, just like its namesake. But in this particular case, you accomplish this by simply taking a picture of each document via your smart phone. Then you upload the document to the app, and its software gleans the relevant information and puts it in a database that’s easily searched.

There are a lot more out there, but this collection is a good start. Of course, if you not only have your own business but that business happens to be web design, then be sure to check out “10 Chrome Extensions Web Designers Must Have”.

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