Can Your Company Benefit From Hosted PBX?

If you want your business to remain on the cutting edge of competitiveness without running up big expenditures, you may want to consider a hosted PBX for your communication needs. It’s the Communication Age, and changes come fast and furious. A hosted PBX could be the best solution, as the following reasons illustrate.

Hosted PBX Defined

But before we launch into the why’s, let’s recap what a hosted PBX system is. A hosted PBX (the acronym is short for Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone system that is maintained and operated by a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service provider. Basically, it’s a phone system that runs off your computer network, and resides in the cloud, hosted by a third party company. The setup allows everyone, whether they’re on the business’ premises, at home, or on the road, to remain in contact with the home system.

By now, it should be evident why hosted PBX is a good idea. And if these aren’t enough, then check out “Can Hosted PBX Reduce Your Capital Expenditure?” for more convincing.

Benefit From Hosted PBX
“It’s for you!”, says your computer

Low Startup Costs

By employing a hosted PBX system, a business doesn’t have to make an investment in a large in-house phone system and all of the peripherals and added expenses that come with it. The system is operated by your provider.

Low Ongoing Monthly Costs

Since your business doesn’t have to worry about hosting the system in-house, maintenance costs are minimal. In addition, a VoIP system is cheaper to use, as the unlimited local and international calls are being run through your Internet service, which you’re already paying for.

Easily Scalable

If your company is growing, you need to take into consideration factors like making sure that new hires have access to your communication system. Hosted PBX systems are easily expanded. Gone are the days of having to worry about purchasing more communications servers, phone lines, and the like. As long as the new employees have their Internet access set up, all they need are VoIP-compatible phones. Of course, in those unfortunate instances where a business is shrinking and therefore needs to make cuts to its infrastructure, the hosted PBX system is able to be painlessly reduced.

Easy To Use

Hosted PBX is a very user-friendly system, which means there’s no need for involved and potentially pricey training in order to bring people up to speed, nor is there the need to hire people with specialized skills, for that matter. PBX brings intuitive web interface to the table, turning every employee into a PBX expert in no time.

It Can Do So Much

If your business needs features such as Find Me/Follow Me, conference calls, voicemail to email, and smart phone support, then look no further. A hosted PBX system brings a massive amount of versatility for the price. In addition, there are scores of apps out there for iPhones, Android phones, and Blackberries, that are designed to work with a PBX system for maximum utility.

An Overall Good Deal

If you’re a small to medium business and you want to compete with the big guys, then you need to seriously consider a hosted PBX system. It offers maximum functionality for a very decent price. Of course, you need to keep in mind possible pitfalls, such as security, as spelled out in the article “The Critical Need For VoIP Security”.

Shop around for a good provider, and bring your phone system into the 21st century without shelling out big bucks.

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