How the Internet of Things is Impacting Desginers

Whenever a new innovation comes along and begins rising in importance and visibility, two important resulting questions are “what is this thing?” and “how does this affect my occupation/field?” The Internet of Things is just the latest advancement in a long line of new technologies that is typical of twenty-first century wireless network computing.

So, when it comes to designers, how does the Internet of Things change the landscape? Read on and find out.

The Internet of Things - IoT

The Internet of Things will challenge designers to do more, and equip them to succeed

The Internet Of Things Defined

The Internet of Things (or IoT for short) consists of smart products (and living beings), interconnected within the same network. For the purposes of this subject, a “thing” is defined as a product, device, appliance, or even a person or other living creature. Things are equipped with a sensor, software, and a means of accessing the Internet, either in a wired or wireless capacity.

Each thing gathers information in its own way and sends it along without anyone having to actively do anything. An animal’s tracking collar, a car’s onboard diagnostic system, or a house-bound patient’s cardiac monitor can all fall under the aegis of the Internet of Things.

Having all of this information helps companies and agencies to make better informed decisions, as well as helping people from all walks of life perform their jobs better. Knowledge is power, after all.

The Internet of Things fits under the umbrella of Big Data. If you’re looking for ways of getting a better handle on Big Data, and by extension the information gained from the Internet of Things, then check out the article “How These Apps Help Get The Most From Big Data” for some handy tools.

A New Challenge For Designers

Going forward, designers are going to have to take the Internet of Things into consideration when designing products. Although there have been many items that have been retro-fitted with the necessary tech to connect to the network and make them IoT-friendly, there will be a greater expectation for newer, state of the art items to be ready to be part of the Internet of Things from the get-go.

This means adopting a whole new set of design principles that successfully integrate a thing’s electronics, connectivity, software, and hardware components. This seamless merging of hardware and software will be needed in order to facilitate things like remote control use, easy product upgrades, and enable predictive service.

Increased Collaboration

With the Internet of Things raising the bar for design expectations, software, mechanical, and electrical engineers will need to not only develop a better understanding of what each other does, learning about the more critical points of each area of expertise, but also be able to collaborate more often.

Furthermore, this collaboration will need to be achieved in the design stage so that integration of the various systems can be done from the ground up, resulting in a frictionless working experience. According to the article “Internet of Things: What It Means for Designers and Their Companies”, “…this fully IoT-enabled digital design concept in place, the cross-functional team has a real opportunity to optimize all aspects of their IoT-enabled product with minimal rework.”

The Creation And Adoption Of New Standards

Whenever a new technology rolls out, it needs new rules of engagement, be they rules of etiquette (public mobile phone use, for instance), or sets of design and manufacturing guidelines. With the Internet of Things rising in popularity and companies promoting their own unique compliance methods, there will eventually be a need to standardize “things” so that they work across a wide number of different standards.

It’s A Whole New World Out There

The Internet of Things represents the latest stage in the evolution of wireless technology, and the Next Big Thing. The difficulty and inconveniences in adjusting to this new reality will be more than offset by the advantages that IoT brings to the table.

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