big data analysis

How These Apps Help Get The Most From Big Data

Big Data consists of all sorts of information, gathered from all manner of sources, delivered to you with breath-taking speed, a barely manageable cornucopia of data that’s supposed to be there for your advantage. The problem is that Big Data’s sheer ... Continue Reading →
facebook vote

Facebook Will Continue to Manipulate But More Carefully

During one week in 2012, underwent almost 700,000 Facebook users in an experiment to see if the emotions are contagious in social networks. To do this, it prompted some netizens saw saddest publications and others to see more positive news to share among friends. ... Continue Reading →
web apps security

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Tool to Secure Your Web Apps

Web apps are increasingly important aspects of conducting business, but some can be quite vulnerable to online aggression. In many cases, attackers exploit the applications themselves to cause damage or steal vital information. These security weaknesses can cause ... Continue Reading →

Dedicated Internet Access – When Fast Isn’t Fast Enough

Dedicated Internet access is a response to the rising need for speed. As the Internet increasingly affects the way we do business, it’s only reasonable for companies to seek out better and faster connections. Thanks to innovations like cloud computing, software ... Continue Reading →
it network support

Ten critical elements to check before hiring IT support

Hiring IT support for your company is not an easy task. Every business wants someone competent, honest, fair priced and responsive. Computer consultants and technical support specialists have becomes widespread, which is why you shouldn’t trust your business’s ... Continue Reading →
top messaging applications for your smartphone

Top Free Texting Apps You Should Know About

For many people, sending a text message is a little less intrusive than making a call. After all, a phone call has that whole constant ringing thing and implicit expectation of immediate action going against it, whereas a text message modestly announces itself ... Continue Reading →
Voice over IP Technology terms

The Critical Need for VoIP Security

Security is probably not high in the list of priorities when you are migrating to a VoIP system but this definitely exposes your business to a variety of risks. There are several reasons behind the security threats but VoIP security will definitely gain a higher ... Continue Reading →
so many different online games available for online gaming today on the www

Online Gaming/Gambling – Entering Into the World of Mobile

Mobile gaming is fast becoming the most popular outlet for entertainment among users at a global level. The trend can be attributed to its ease of accessibility, convenience and appeal to a wide range of player demographics. Many large online gaming companies are ... Continue Reading →
improve wireless connections and wifi at home router

Easy Ways to Boost Wi-Fi Speeds at Home

If you are looking into boosting your Wi-Fi internet speeds at home then you should check up on your computer, laptop or mobile device first. If they are not processing very fast then it may appear as if your Internet is going slow when it is not. There may also ... Continue Reading →
which Internet connection is better DSL or Cable Internet?

ADSL vs. Cable: Which Offers Faster Speeds?

For home internet users, connection speeds are generally quite important. When it comes to choosing between cable and ADSL, the speed each one can achieve will depend on a number of factors. First up, let’s look at the basics. What is cable and what is ADSL? VN:F ... Continue Reading →
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