Keep Your Budget Resolution With These Apps

Personal experience shows that no matter how much money someone makes, their spending easily rises up to match it, but don’t worry there’s an app for that. “If only I made another fifty bucks a week!” the average American sighs. “Then I could actually put money aside for savings and emergencies!” Then, miracle of miracles, average American gets this amazing raise, boosting their pay by $50. And yet somehow, they still can’t save money, though somehow, visits to favorite bars and restaurants have increased mysteriously.

That’s why people need budgets. It’s easy to get nickel and dimed to death, but a budget can help show where the hemorrhaging is happening. If, in a drunken New Year’s Eve rage, you resolved to keep yourself on a budget, then you’re in luck. You can keep your budget resolution with these apps. In the true spirit of budgeting, the apps are all free or as cheap as possible.

Budget app

“I hereby resolve to spend more on exercising, eating healthier, pricier foods, run with the bulls at Pamplona, and oh yeah, stick to a budget!”

Toshl Finance

Nothing says “setting up your budget” like little cartoon monsters. Wait … .what? Toshl Finance is a free budget tracker that has little cartoon monsters along for the ride. Once you set up a Toshl account, you can create a budget for any time period (from one-time to yearly). The data synchs with your Toshl account, so you can work your budget across all of your devices. This app is free and available for the Android and iOS.

MoneyWise App

Another free app, but this one’s only for Android. Create and edit multiple budgets, set repeating expenses, define pay periods, and stay on top of everything with eye-catching infographics. The app works offline as well, and you can export your data to CSV or HTML to cloud storage or e-mail. Personal Finance

A free app, and this one’s for Android and iOS. is a 600-pound gorilla, as it not only lets you track expenses and income, it lets you oversee your entire financial picture, which considering that it’s from Intuit, is hardly surprising. With this app, you can sync your bank and card, which gives you a current and secure look at your finances. Now, if all you’re looking for is a simple budget tool, this one’s the equivalent of killing a mosquito with a flamethrower. It may look cool, but it’s overkill.

Level Money

At the other end of the complexity spectrum from, Level Money is a free, simple app for Android and iOS. The app functions as a spending gauge or meter, filling up at the first of the month based on estimated income from previous months. The app then starts taking that cash away, removing money based on recurring expenses, as well as a saving rate which you can adjust. The money that’s left is your spending money for the month. The app connects to all of your accounts, so the meter will change based on expenditures. Simplicity is the defining characteristic of this app.


Do you know one area of life that can really put a ding in your budget if you let it get out of control? Travel expenses. If your job requires a lot of travel, this free app (for both iOS and Android) is for you. With this awesome app, you can import bank and credit card data, photo-log receipts, track expenses, and input data such as miles traveled, as well as time and rates for time-based expenses.

Now stay on that budget, and work on those other New Years’ resolutions that have managed to survive up until now! There’s a budget app with your name on it, somewhere out there.

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    Apr 11. 2014

    Generate a budget – and stick to it. Make a note of your spending habits more than the course of a month. Track where every single penny goes so you can figure out where you require to reduce back. When your budget is set for the month, if you obtain you spend less than planned, use the further money to pay down your debt.

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