5 iPhone 5S Tips You should Know

Are you iPhone fans? Have you got the new iPhone 5S? Many features have been packed into this small device. How much have you known about it? Here we would like to introduce 5 useful tips for iPhone 5S to help you get more from the amazing device.

convinient tips and tricks for your Apple iPhone 5S

1. Get Free Copies of iWork

Do you know that iPhone 5S comes along with a bundle of free applications such as Pages and Keynote? It is easy to get the free iWork apps. Just search the individual app that you need in the App Store and download it. The apps costed $10 for one. So, you can’t miss them if you have iPhone 5S. Hurry up to grab the iWork apps you need.

2. Set up New iPhone 5S

If this is not your first iPhone, it will be easier for you to set up your iPhone 5S. You are going to helped by the Setup Assistant offering you two ways to restore your data from the older iPhone. You can choose to restore from either iTunes backup or iCloud backup. To restore from iTunes, you just need to connect your iPhone 5S to iTunes and sync up all data you need. To restore from iCloud backup, you need to connect WiFi on your iPhone 5S, log in with Apple ID to sync up your information.

3. View Flash SWF Files

Since Apple hasn’t get support from Adobe Flash, it is not easy to watch Flash content on Apple devices including iPhone. So, to enjoy online Flash content like SWF animation videos, SWF games on iPhone 5S, you need to download and install flash supported browsers like Photon, Puffin, iSwifter, etc from iTunes Store. You can still use the original browser you are using to view other webs when you don’t need view flash content. To watch downloaded Flash SWF files, you can convert .swf to .mp4 format with video converting software which can do conversion among various file types, such as converting MTS to MP4, MKV to MOV, AVI to MP4, etc.

4. Siri

Siri is a smart feature worth using. Go to “Settings>General>Siri” to turn on Raise to Speak so that you don’t need to launch Siri by tapping and holding on the Home button. Don’t forget to tell Sir your relationships like “Eileen is my sister”, “Sara is my wife” and “Mark is my brother”. By doing so, you can directly ask Siri to “Call my sister” or “Text my wife” when you need it. And remember to type your home and work address in Contacts so that Siri can remind you of doing things when you leave home or arrive at office. If you don’t like the way Siri pronounce or it mispronounce a name, you can simply tell it “That’s not how you pronounce that” and then it will offer three various ways for your options.

5. Undo and Redo

If you want to erase some words or type again on your messaging draft, you can just use “undo and redo” by shaking the iPhone 5S. Very simple and convenient.

Above are the tips we would like to share with you. If you have more useful tips to share, just feel free to tell us.

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  1. Tim

    Jan 01. 2014

    helpful tips for my iphone 5. Thank you avinash

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