Best iPhone Applications for Children

Giving children iPhones is quite dangerous because it makes them prime targets for muggers. However, a lot of parents still buy their kids an iPhone, so this article goes over a few apps that you can buy for your kids to play.

Clever kids through iPhone apps

Many of them are free, and many of them are very low cost. A lot of them are under a dollar and quite a few are compatible with the iPad too. You will find a link to each app along with the name and description. You can set the browsing session so that it matches the country you are in after following the links.

children liks entertainment and kids education by digital iOS apps to grow


This is an iPad and iPhone app that teaches your children numbers and letters. It is one of the more expensive apps on this list, but it has quite a few good features. It teaches children using games and using stories. It is named as if it is all about numbers but the games and stories involve learning letters too.

Art my kid made

This is a free iPhone app that you can use to store your children’s pictures. You can use it by taking photos of your children’s artwork and then putting it in your app storage box. You may then look at it at a later date, or you can send the images around your social media profiles if you wish.

Times Tables: Squeebles Multiplication

This is an app you will find for the Android, iPad and iPhone and it is aimed at the slightly older child who is trying to learn his or her multiplication tables. It gives the child multiplication questions which he or she may earn characters and stars for answering. You can also save the progress of your child so that he or she may see how well he or she is doing.

Disney Pixel’d

With this iPhone and iPad app your children may create art based around Disney character. It allows them to create pixel art for varying varieties with lots of background and tools to help them along. The images that they create may then be shared online using their sharing tools.

Farm 123

This is an iPad and iPhone app that is a little bit like a popup book but is a digital version instead. It helps a child learn how to count from one to ten. Animals on a farm are used to help the child learn to count along with the farmer on the app.

Color and draw for kids

This is an app you may use on your iPhone or your Android. You may draw on it and even color things in on a digital background. It has pictures loaded into the app already, and all of them revolve around some sort of animal or theme. There are things such as animals and dinosaurs that kids may color in.

DoodleCast for kids

With that iPad and op app, your children may draw and record their voices at the same time. As they draw, the image of what they are drawing is turned into a video. Your child may narrate his or her creation whilst actually creating it. It is a fun way for children to create drawings whilst recording the process.

Magic Piano

This is an app you can use on the iPhone, iPad and Android and it is free. It is a little like a piano, but the music may come out of shapes on the screen. As the child learns more and grows, then songs may be followed and/or created with the app. The child is able to follow the song as it plays.

My A-Z

This is an iPad and iPhone app that flashes up the alphabet on cards for kids to learn. It is fun because it also allows children to personalize their app so that they may add words they know already. That means that S need not stand for snake. It can stand for sausage instead.

Little Fox Music Box

This is an iPhone and iPad app that allows a child to sing along to the song book on the screen. Your child may sing along as the music plays and the song goes on, and you can have your child tap the screen during the interactive intervals in order to create a more dynamic game.

Funimal Phonics

This is an iPhone and iPad app that teaches a child about the phonic alphabet. It gives the child flash cards that may be used along with friendly animal faces. You can also pick an American or British accent to go along with your phonic alphabet, which makes the game a little more engaging.

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