10 iPhone Ploys for iPhone 5 You Never Guess Before It Can Embrace

The mobile industry took a lot of buzz about the release of the Apple’s iPhone 5 in the market. There were quite a number of rumors speculating about the possible new hype and the design of the new iPhone 5 and mobile users are all ears to hear the latest news about this future generation of the iPhone Smartphone.

Future Technology Evolution Apple iPhone 5 Architecture and Design

Everyone seems so excited to find out what Apple has been up to knowing that the company is struggling to provide a new and unique mobile technology in the mobile industry after the rise to fame of the other Smartphone giant manufacturers that desire to pull Apple down on its pedestal as the top brand in Smartphone and take its place.

In an effort to keep its leadership in the Smartphone mobile market, there are apparently iPhone 5 ploys worth noticing which are raised by some mobile tech analysts. Here are some of these iPhone ploys that you may be interested to know about the iPhone 5 when it was released in the market.

iPhone 5 may be short in the supply chain

Some were quite reluctant to believe this prediction of shortage of the iPhone 5 in the market once the phone is officially released. First of all, this prediction is actually baseless and the report does not come from any accurate source. This is viewed as a marketing ploy that will make people want to take the first line to subscribe to the iPhone 5 in fear that a shortage of supply will happen. Who made this prediction anyway, Apple?

iPhone screen production is delayed

This is a ploy to make it appear that the iPhone 5 will be short in supply and will be hard to obtain in the market. Again, this marketing ploy is a scheme to attract people to desire getting their hands on the device before it “runs out of supply.”

Mentality ploy on iPhone shortage

Apple seems to be sending out the rumor that the iPhone 5 is coming with a shortage of supply in the market. Some view this as a psychological approach of causing people to panic and buy the unit immediately the moment it becomes available, in like manner that people would hoard for foods when one declares a supply shortage of food will soon happen.

Publicity tactics

Many speculate about the possible design of the iPhone 5 and even long before it is made available in the market there are already leaked specifications, pictures, features and design about the iPhone 5 that tend to thrill the consumers more. From whom the leaked images and juicy information came from seems to be the source coming from Apple itself just to attract attention to iPhone 5 from the mobile consumer.

Cheap iPhone will be subsequently released with the iPhone 5

Some wonder whether this is a premonition from Apple that the iPhone 5 might be a flop in the market. In order to reduce this possible negative impact on the market sales of the iPhone 5, the cheaper iPhone version will be subsequently released by Apple in order to embrace their apprehension of poor market sale of the iPhone 5 because the consumers are getting more practical by getting a less expensive iPhone version instead of buying the more expensive iPhone 5.

Shortage a mere publicity to get more people in line

If Apple expects that people will line up to get their hands on the unit, isn’t it more logical to ensure that they have enough supplies of the Smartphone to cater to their loyal consumers? The shortage prediction is merely a ploy in order to get more people to line up to get themselves this highly “in demand” Smartphone unit before supply runs out.

Apple is aware of the latest hype of Smartphone technology from competitors

When the iPhone 5 was released, Apple already knows that their device is quite sub-standard as compared to the latest Smartphone flagships by its competitors. However, they released the iPhone 5 in order to maintain its brand on the limelight amidst the growing popularity of its competitors. There are not many significant upgrades to the iPhone 5 than its predecessor, haven’t you noticed?

Keep their brand in the limelight

With the emerging latest Smartphone units with better features to offer from its competitors, Apple is merely buying some time to release a revamped iPhone model perhaps through the iPhone 6 in 2013. Until then, Apple needs to maintain a good market exposure by releasing the iPhone 5.

Gaining momentum in its market

Noticeable is the fact that Apple released its iPhone 5 with the closest date between the US and China region release dates. This is noted as the closest dates that Apple has ever launched a product officially coming from a mature market before releasing the same in emerging regions. This is a ploy by Apple in order to gain momentum on its brand in order to maintain dominance in the mobile market.

Cost control ploy

There were rumors that the cost for the iPhone 5 component costs have decreased but Apple mainly intends it to be short term in preparation for the more innovative future iPhone generations which Apple meticulously prepared to give its competition a big blow for a more sophisticated mobile Smartphone soon to be released in the market. But until then, Apple needs to take a consistent stand in the mobile market using iPhone 5 as a ploy to keep the iPhone generation’s existence more visible to the mobile consumers.

Users can download free iPhone 5 wallpaper to adjust the design to their personal preferences.

Stacy Carter is a tech writer and freelance blogger laying out for tech news via online exposures. She is the author of the site: Cell Phone Spy where you can get valuable information about spy software program on your cell phone

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Stacy Carter is a tech writer and freelance blogger laying out for tech news via online exposures. She is the author of the site: Cell Phone Spywhere you can get valuable information about spy software program on your cell phone

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