List of Alternative Navigation Apps for iPhone 5

Apple was quick in launching its iOS6 before the announcement of iPhone 5. Most of the iPhone customers wanted to get a taste of the new iOS and upgraded their gadgets to the new software. The software looked great with its Panorama feature in the camera until everyone got their hands on the Maps app.

List of alternative navigation apps for iPhone 5

The world-wide complaint about the apps was that it showed misplaced cities, businesses, towns and landmarks apart from the usual errors that one will encounter while using a new app. iOS maps also lacked some of the interesting features including Street View, transit directions, walking directions and others.

The best alternative navigation apps for iPhone 5 are:

Google Maps

Google Maps has been around for quite a long time and users all over the world have mastered the art of maneuvering the map without any difficulty. And if you are surprised, Google Maps can be accessed from your iPhone browsers like Chrome and Safari. Google map has the capability to highlight the most urban areas in the world by providing high resolution satellite or aerial images. Google has blurred certain areas, mostly in the United States owing to security reasons.

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Nokia Maps

Nokia Maps is also popular with names like Here and Ovi maps. This navigational platform comes free of cost for web browsers and serves as a mobile app for a number of handheld gadgets particularly the smartphones. Its notable features are:

  • Walking and driving with the voice guidance in very turn
  • Rerouting and visualizing live traffic in selected countries
  • Includes third-party contents like Lonely Planet
  • Integrates with the social networking sites
  • Accepts preloading of street maps when not connected online
  • Errors in Nokia Maps can be reported by customers
  • Provides hourly weather conditions and forecasts for an entire week
  • Comes with Night View mode and an option to save your favorites
  • Maps can be viewed in satellite and terrain
  • 3D maps and buildings can be viewed
  • Public transport routes are available in selected cities

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Waze Social GPS

This navigation app joins hands with other apps in the market to deliver real time traffic details with customers. It provides road alerts including hazards, police traps, accidents and many others. The app comes packed with voice-guide navigation and automatic rerouting when required. You can navigate to the cheapest and nearest gas station in your route and save some money on your pockets. Live Maps are frequently updated to deliver correct details to the customers. And most of all, this app can be downloaded for free.

These are not the only apps available for iPhone customers. You can also choose from apps like:

  • Navfree GPS Live
  • MotionX GPS Drive
  • MapQuest 4 Mobile
  • Gokivo Navigator
  • Garmin North America
  • Navigon USA

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While most apps can be enjoyed for free, few apps do cost a meager amount of money. Pick an app that best suits your convenience and requirement. There are several apps still being developed to serve as the best alternative for Apple Maps.

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