9 Weird Things You Can Do With An iPhone

Okay, get your mind out of the gutter! When we’re talking about weird things you can do with your iPhone, we mean using the phone in less conventional ways. You know, beyond texting, taking selfies, web surfing, updating Facebook, and, oh yeah, making phone calls. The following is a list of interesting, off-beat things you can do with that smart phone of yours. As for anything else you come up with, hey, we won’t judge. After all, what happens on the iPhone, stays on the iPhone. Unless of course, it accidentally gets posted to Facebook or Twitter.

Weird iPhone features
It’s a phone, a computer, a fitness trainer, and it sings me to sleep after the lovin’

An Insurance Card

If you get pulled over by the police or get into a fender bender, and you need proof of insurance, then pull out your smart phone. Yes, in about two dozen states, you can show electronic documentation by means of your smart phone in order to prove you have insurance. It should also be pointed out that Android users have the same privilege, as evidenced by those Geico commercials featuring that damned annoying pig.


How about predicting ovulation? You can download a free menstrual calendar for your iPhone and nail down the right time for maximum fertility (Note: this option only available to women. Sorry).

And Once You Have The Kid …

There’s an app that turns your iPhone into a baby monitor, sending you a phone call alert when it detects movement or sound. Of course, the iPhone has to be in proximity of the baby. Exactly how long can you stay away from your iPhone, anyway?

Keeping Things In Tune

Do you play guitar? Are you incapable of tuning by ear? There’s an app that turns your iPhone into a guitar tuner.

Are You Drunk Or What?

No, your iPhone can’t be used as a Breathalyzer (at least not yet), but this is about as close as it gets. There are apps that help determine your BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) so you can figure out when it’s safe to drive. And this will really come in handy in conjunction with …

Finding Speed Traps With Your iPhone

You can set up this app to alert you when you’re within range of known speed traps. It relies on users sending in reports, but apparently even some police provide their own updatse as well, so it apparently has some value as a deterrent. This app is especially cool when it’s coupled with a navigation app.

Shedding Some Light

Yes, your iPhone can be used as a flashlight! After all, you never can tell when you may need a little illumination, and as we all know, there’s never a flashlight around when you need one. Of course, if you need a flashlight to find your iPhone, then you’re pretty much hosed.

Spirit Level

Maybe you were using that flashlight to find your misplaced spirit level for that carpentry job that you’re doing in an area of insufficient light. But now there’s an app that lets your iPhone double as a spirit level. Truly, we are living in the future!

Cold Hands, Warm Phone

And finally, would you believe that you can use your iPhone as a hand warmer? It’s not extremely effective and it’ll eat through your battery power like Pac-Man on crack, but it’s a step in the right direction.

And there you have a sampling of weird things you can do. For an added bonus, try coming up with a situation in which all of the above-mentioned apps get used, one after the other. Feel free to share it! Now go have fun with your iPhone.

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