Create a Multi-Boot Live USB

Before tonight, I used to think that creating a dual or multi-boot Live USB setup was a difficult, if not impossible, task. But today I came to know about the MultiBoot application that will help you create a multi-boot LiveUSB to run more than one Linux distributions from a single USB thumb/hard drive. A pretty neat way for exploring different Linux distributions without installing them on your PC, isn’t it?

The MultiBoot application supports many Linux distributions and it’s very easy to use.

Since MultiBoot is a GUI-based application, with a few clicks and drag-drops, you’ll be able to build your own version of LiveUSB that has your favorite Linux distributions installed. A LiveUSB is very handy in situations when you don’t have a CD drive or you just want a faster way to use Live Linux distributions. You could also use it to recover a messy (broken) Operating System.



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