Fedora Linux 18 ‘Spherical Cow’ – Operating System Review

New Year 2013 has seen introduction of a new state of the art operating system that is sure to get computer buffs and diehard software fans all excited. Starting from January 15, 2013, Fedora Linux 18 Spherical Cow is now available for computers with 32 bit or 64 bit x86 processors.

Fedora 18 'Spherical Cow' Linux Operating System Review

Noteworthy features of Fedora Linux 18 ‘Spherical Cow’ Operating System

Fedora is an operating system built for everyday use. A striking fact that is sure to make it a resounding success is that this operating system is not only fast and stable but is highly powerful as well. A significant piece of information is also that Fedora Linux 18 is being offered completely free for use, study and share. Though meeting with several delays and road blocks, the new Fedora Linux 18 ‘Spherical Cow’ has finally made its debut, where it is seen inclusive of a MATE desktop along with the latest UEFI Secure Boot support.

This latest version of Fedora Linux Desktop Edition means that users do not have to erase anything on their current system to give it a try. It will also not put any of the existing files in jeopardy when one takes the Fedora test drive. It is only once it meets with your fancy, that you can proceed to install Fedora directly to the hard drive from the Live Media desktop.

This newly released operating system comes in with a host of notable features which are enumerated below:

  • MATE Desktop – This is based on GNOME2 and provides an attractive desktop for Linux users on the lookout for simple and easy interface. The desktop is also suited to users used to running GNOME Classic or other window managers which include Xfce as against GNOME3.
    • Fedora 18 offers the following desktops:
      • Xfce 4.10
      • KDE Plasma Workspaces 4.9
      • Cinnamon
      • GNOME 3.6
  • Rewritten Installer – Fedora Anaconda installer has been rewritten for this new version so as to be accessible to a wider range of users. New users find installation easier, while following a set of important guidelines, while it also offers a concise set of explanations giving various choices available to users. This operating system comes with a host of new visuals so as to augment the overall look and enhance installation procedures thus adding to its attractiveness and appeal.
  • Secure Boot Support – Fedora 18 comes with UEFI Secure Boot Technology so that it can boot on systems that are Secure Boot enabled. Secure Boot feature was earlier seen when Microsoft announce that Windows 8 would come with Secure Boot. Linux distributions will hence be unable to install Windows 8 system on dual boot though administrator tools are available for users to create custom certificates to sign local changes to GRUB or Kernel.
  • Samba 4 – Is also equally important for the operation system which includes the latest version of tools that offer file sharing and print sharing services in a diverse range of operating system environments. Samba 4 is more enhanced than its predecessors due to the availability of first, free and open source implementation of Active Directory procedures.
  • Eucalyptus – is also seen in the new Fedora 18 operating system which comes in with cloud software 3.2 release along with OpenStack’s Folsom release and version 3.1 of oVirt engine.


Fedora 18 Spherical Cow comes in with of highlights as given below

  • The user interface for Fedora software – Anaconda has been revamped
  • The upgrade process used a new tool called FedUp – Fedora Upgrader
  • Fedora users have the option of using Cinnamon which is an advanced desktop environment based on GNOME 3
  • GNOME desktop 3.6 offers enhanced Messaging Tray along with support for Microsoft Exchange and Skydrive
  • Xfce desktop has been upgraded to 4.10 version which comes along with a number of bug fixes and enhancements
  • System Storage Manager or SSM also comes in with an improved format while Perl, Rails and Python languages have been updated.

These advances in Fedora 18 are a great achievement and the Fedora Project community is proud of their accomplishment. Fedora Project is a global partnership of free software community members and is sponsored by Red Hat which has made massive investments in Fedora infrastructure and resources to encourage collaboration and innovative new technologies. These are developed in Fedora and produced under a free and open licensing system offering advantages to other software communities to avail of them free of cost while also enabling them to adopt and modify them.

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