Top Apps That Can Enhance Your Linux Experience

Are you a Linux fan? It is the perfect open source operating system that features an excellent shell. You must already know quite a lot of apps that works perfectly with the OS. In case you don’t, here is a comprehensive list for you that comprise all the apps that a Linux fan can’t do without:

Enhance Your Linux Experience

  • OpenShot: It is a free application that you can use to edit videos. If you love taking videos, you must have this application to give that much-needed perfection to your videos. Whether you are an aspiring film-maker or just want to flaunt your skating skills, you need OpenSource. It is far better than the apps that you’ve known (Kino and Cinelerra). Most of the applications like these are either unstable or have terrible interfaces. OpenShot is the coolest one sans any such issues. With it you can trim video clips, split videos into segments an add transitions. There are lots of effects that you can add to the videos. You can even turn the audio off a particular part of the videos or replace it with your desired audio clip. It supports a wide range of input and output formats.
  • Apache: If you are looking for a web server for Linux, try Apache. According to Netcraft, Apache is responsible for 57.3% of active websites on the Internet. It is one of the most popular and successful of the Linux apps ever. The low cost web server is known for amazing scalability and incredible flexibility. All that you are searching for in a web server find that in Apache.
  • Firefox: If you are looking for a web browser app for Linux, there’s nothing better than Firefox. It is an application that literally broke Microsoft’s monopoly. It is a favorite web browser for a majority of Linux fans. It is fast, there are lots of ways to manage the tabs. One of the best things about the browser app is that you can top advertisers from tracking you. It has the largest and the greatest collection of extensions as compared to other browser apps.
  • LibreOffice: It is one of the most popular and successful apps for Linux. It is mainly used to open DOCX files send by windows users. However, LibreOffice has more important functionalities in addition to that. It has excellent support for stylesheets and is capable of exporting documents as flawless PDF files. The design of the application is very attractive and compliments its usefulness.
  • Dropbox: It is one of the cloud storage applications that everyone is talking about. And it has Linux version that you must download if you are using the OS. With Dropbox, no more losing your files and important documents. You can organise your folders and files within the Dropbox folder in your desktop and access it using the Dropbox app of your smartphone or mobile device. There’s lot of space there, and if it is not enough, you can always ask for more at a price.

So, make a list of the Linux apps you already have and the ones you’d like to install.However, before installing an application, you must read reviews and check ratings ensuring their usefulness.

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Jacika is an ESL teacher who is also involved in editing an English dictionary app. She thinks that mobile education is effective and fast when it comes to language learning.

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