How Tech Can Make Your Business More Customer Centric

The twenty-first century business needs to be customer-centric in order to compete for the modern consumers limited attention span. Because at the end of the day, no customers means no income, and no income means no business, end of story. Fortunately, today’s tech is a valuable partner in building a more customer-centric business.

Business Customer Centric

Businesses that use tech to make shopping easier for customers wind up getting them back again and again

This isn’t a case of trotting out that old tired (and incorrect) saw, “The customer is always right”. Rather, a customer-centric strategy is one where the business is building better relationships with customers, a process of both sides mutually drawing closer. As the article “Must-Have Technology for the Customer-Centric Business” says, “Businesses benefit when all operations focus on its most important asset: its customer base (emphasis theirs).”

Here’s four examples on how this can be better accomplished.

Social Media

If a business wants to be more customer-centric, it has to go to where the people are, and that’s in the world of social media. Nothing helps a business reach out to customers so effectively as an established social media presence, and that includes tweeting and setting up a company page on sites like Facebook. By using social media, a business can connect directly with current and potential customers, and help to spread word of mouth. A good social media management tool like Bitly or Crowdbooster comes in handy here.

Real-Time Analytics

By gathering feedback and comments posted all over the Internet (and that includes things like customer reviews, and comments on the business’ home site), businesses can get an accurate picture of what products and services people enjoy, and which ones need to be phased out. This involves using things like NoSQL and Hadoop in order to adequately process that information, which is crossing over into the territory of Big Data.


It seems like only yesterday when email supplanted paper fliers and other physical junk mail as the means of mass communication with customers. Now it looks like email itself has been unseated by mobile computing. But it would be unwise to declare email dead at this point; it still fulfills a vital role in any customer-centric strategy.

While granted it requires a greater degree of targeting emails to the proper audience, as opposed to just flinging out a mass-mailing to a large segment of the population that doesn’t care, it’s true that email helps customers and businesses maintain contact with each other without having to deal with social media. Consider an outreach platform like Pitchbox.

Customer-centric Apps

Customers want apps today, and not just any old app. They want something that’s easy to download, simple to use, engages their interest, and actually accomplishes something. Businesses need customer-centric apps that will attract customer attention and get people talking about the brand. In order to accomplish these ambitious goals, consider using the Salesforce1 Platform to help build the perfect customer-centric applications.

As technology has increased, so have the customers’ expectations. Everything needs to be faster, easier, better, and of course, more engaging. The above quartet provides a good start for making today’s businesses more customer-centric. Check out the article “Your Blog As A Source Of Customer Feedback” for a good example.

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