How Mobile And Native Ads Are Revolutionizing Marketing

The explosion of mobile technology and its resulting widespread use offers new opportunities for advertising, which in turn unfortunately makes for new opportunities for users to ignore them. It’s a constant task to get those ever-so-important eyeballs on pages, with the hopes of converting them into customers.
Mobile and native ads are perfectly positioned to enter into a partnership that may succeed in attracting the kind of attention that today’s marketers dream of. Here’s how this team-up can revolutionize marketing.

But first …

What The Heck Are Native Ads?

There many permutations of what amounts to one basic definition. A native ad is a type of online advertising that is in synch with the form and function of the host site. An article about smart phones, for instance, written by the company that sells a particular brand of smart phone, and conforms to the standards and styles of the hosting site, is a perfect example of native advertising.

Mobile devices are the main target audience for marketing today, including native ads
Mobile devices are the main target audience for marketing today, including native ads

Far from being a new concept, native advertising has been around for decades. It simply is a new thing for the Internet, but sponsor-supported works have been with us for a while now, in the form of infomercials, or special articles in newspapers. It’s an advertorial, in a new form.

The Mobile Challenge

Try this exercise. Go to your laptop or desktop system, and visit a favorite site. Take a note of the layout, the banner ads, the links, everything. Now take your smart phone, log on, and go to that same site. See the difference?

As the article “How Native Ads and Mobile Can Work Together” points out, “the playing field changes drastically when that screen shrinks”. The article goes on to say that the one element that doesn’t change but does create a detrimental user experience is the banner advertisement, with the latter ending up transposed over the content. Rather than enticing the user, the ad becomes a focus of irritation, and perhaps inspiring the user to never give the sponsor the satisfaction of clicking on their ads, ever.

Native Ads To The Rescue

By bringing in native ads, a business can offer marketing content in a format that works regardless of the device being used to access the website. In addition, native advertisements can actually provide an informative, entertaining experience for the user, especially if the actual “buy our goods or services” message is presented with a degree of restraint. If the sponsor focuses on giving the reader a good experience, the latter will become more receptive to the underlying marketing message.
No reasonable user disputes the need for websites to take on advertising. Those ad dollars are what keeps the sites up and running. But there are ads, and then there are annoyances. By incorporating native ads, a business can get its point across while possibly drumming up some business, all while avoiding the wrath of Google and its terms of service, or alienating the users.

Figuring out a good balance between effective advertising communication and giving the user a good website experience is just one element of what makes a mobile responsive website successful. There are more people than ever using mobile devices and that number is growing every day. Any business worth its salt will jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of this trend.

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