How to Choose the Right Social Media Expert for Your Business

Identifying the right social media expert to help you with your social networking and online activities can be a tricky process. Social media marketing is much more than establishing links with your website through social media platforms; it can play a strategic role in creating your brand identity, disseminating your message, and building an enduring crowd of followers. How do you find out if your prospective social media expert understands your business objectives and can devise a suitable strategy to deliver them?

Here’re some key tips to help you identify the right social media expert for your social media marketing (SMM) needs.

Social Media expert

Check out the presence of the social media expert or company you hire on web and social networks. They should have a running blog, a Facebook presence, a Twitter handle, and be active on other social media platforms as well. Going through their blog and other online content can give you an idea of the SMM techniques and strategies they employ.

Find out if your SMM expert has adequate experience in using social media channels. Cultivating social media channels for business purposes yields results over a period of time. Your service provider should be able to show evidence of having handled projects across different channels with optimum results.

Businesses need to ask their SMM experts how they plan to ensure a social media messaging consistent with the business brand, and keep it consistent across the various social platforms. Are they familiar with the restrictions and limitations vis-à-vis social media in your specific industry such as healthcare, finance, insurance etc.?

Does your social media expert have an understanding of how SMM works?

Social media is a composite platform including multiple channels and mass media modes including suitable audio, images, videos, infographics, pictures etc. It involves sharing pertinent brand message through posts across multiple social platforms as well as generating and listening to customer conversations in an ongoing manner.

Discuss how they plan to design a social media campaign with your SMM provider. What techniques and strategies do they employ to develop the social media message and convey it to the consumers on social media? Have they delivered effective campaigns for their previous clients? How do they reward people for their engagement?

Ask your social media experts how they monitor the social media campaigns for their clients. Established social media services providers use the latest third party tools and software to generate meaningful reports, identify constantly updated keywords and more, along with managing Google alerts and Twitter subscriptions etc. The constantly generated data is consistently reviewed and analyzed to get business-relevant information for the client.

How do they measure ROI for the SMM campaign?

Look for concrete ways in which your social media professionals gauge the efficacy of your SMM campaign and quantify the return on your market spend.

How do your social media experts leverage social media for SEO purposes?

Social media may not be a direct factor in Google rankings or other search engine algorithms but strong social signals are translated into organic website traffic and SEO for your brand. Moreover, your brand popularity effectively drives authentic traffic your way, increasing potential conversion rates.

Choosing the right social media expert is half the work done. Identifying SMM professionals who are qualified and well-versed with the latest social media updates, changing trends, and the latest technology and platforms can deliver meaningful ROI for businesses.

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