7 Marketing Goals That Can Be Achieved by Hosting Webinars

Many businesses don’t consider webinars as a part of their marketing strategy. This is usually because they take some time to prepare and promote, and seem to be only beneficial for B2B companies who want to sell their products online. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are several marketing goals that can be achieved via webinars, which are explored below. If any of these marketing goals discussed are similar to your own, webinars may just be the perfect tactic to growing your business.

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Attract new leads

Most marketing webinars are designed to provide valuable information to persons who may be interested in your products. When you choose a webinar topic that is related to the products or services you offer, the people who sign up are very likely to be highly qualified leads.

You can readily identify that they are interested in the information you are providing and they have just offered up their names, contact information and possibly other qualifying information (such as location or company). Not all of them will become customers, but this is a very good place to start.

Convert leads into customers

This applies when you’ve already identified someone as a lead and you want to take them further through the marketing funnel, towards making a sale. Webinars are great for converting because persons who sign up have agreed to volunteer their attention for upwards of 30 minutes – not an easy thing to get in today’s distracted world.

Adobe Webinar Funnel

The Adobe Webinar Funnel (Source: Adobe)

With this captive audience, you are now able to show the benefits of your product to your ideal audience of potential buyers. To get more information on this, read about how Adobe does a fantastic job of leading participants through a webinar series from stranger to lead to buyer and beyond.

Sell products and services on spot

Not only do you have a 30-60 minute advertorial spot through webinars, you can use this opportunity to sell products right on the spot. If you’re looking for a way to run a promotion or offer an introductory price for a new product to a test market, for example, webinars offer the perfect opportunity to attract buyers. People tend to love deals, exclusivity and ‘before-anyone-else’ offers.

Of course, you’ll want to maximize the opportunity you get to increase brand and product exposure. Take full advantage of the rebranding options offered by webinar platforms like ClickWebinar. You can add your logo, brand colors and special graphics (images of your product or summary of your special offer) that persons will see when they log in and during your presentation.

Get feedback on products

Webinars aren’t just for the public at large. If you have an established audience, you can also keep them interested and build loyalty by inviting them to webinars to discuss their experience with your brands and share their feedback. With webinar software offering built-in voting and chat or Q&A tools, it can’t get much easier.

You might think that people wouldn’t want to dedicate so much of their time just to help you improve your brand, but you’d be wrong. A customer base that likes your product will be grateful that you are asking them to contribute to its development and will be only happy offer their assistance in any way they can.

Showcase your expertise

So you don’t have anything for sell, but you’re a blogger or an expert in a particular field and you want to be known as a thought leader in your industry. How about an expert webinar series answering the Frequently Asked Questions you get on a daily basis? Or maybe you can host a session based entirely on questions from the audience.

Webinars offer a very different dynamic than a blog post or Slideshare presentation would when doing Q&As. Hearing someone’s voice or seeing them on screen helps to establish trust. It also takes a truly knowledgeable person in a field to be able to immediately answer almost any question thrown at them. Most importantly, webinars facilitate a discussion, akin to being at a conference, but with a significantly higher comfort factor since participants are joining in remotely.

Share your passion

What’s better than writing a recap of the hottest TV show episode that just aired? Gathering a few people who also love that show to discuss it together. Webinars can be a great way to meet like minds who share the same passion and interest as you. It also positions the host as an authority in that field, since they now serve as the important connector responsible for bringing people together.

A great way to capitalize on this further is to create a group on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ for those who signed up for your webinar. They can continue the conversation based on your shared passion for the topic, with your brand integrated into the discussion. This will, of course, attract other like minds, which is a great way to grow the conversation.

Build a mailing list

Your email list is probably the most important digital audience asset you own – and that’s because it’s the only one you own. You can spend years building a social media following and lose it the moment the platform revokes access, especially if you don’t play by their rules (it’s rare, but it happens).

Your mailing list, on the other hand, can go with you wherever you go. When interested persons sign up for your webinar, they usually provide a working email address and name, at minimum. Not all the people that register will actually attend the webinar, and not all those who attend will actually convert. Having their contact information, however, gives you the opportunity to contact them later on, with different opportunities that might be more attractive.

Once you’ve downloaded the list of persons who signed up for your webinar, email marketing services allow you to import the list directly into the tool so you can send out future messages to that specific group.


Webinars have a variety of uses and offer one thing that most other forms of digital marketing don’t – a captive audience for an extended period of time. This is beneficial to almost any entity, whether you’re aim is to sell, or simply extend your audience and position your brand. Businesses should capitalize on this by adding webinars to their marketing strategy to help achieve their goals.

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