Marketing Trends in 2015

The world is constantly changing – and everything in it changes at the same time. Technology evolves, and it changes the way brands and their customers interact. There are lots of things to consider when deciding what comes next – as old tactics and channels are being overcome by new ones. Consumers demand new, cross-platform ways to be informed and stay in touch with their favorite brands. Here are a few tips on how to adapt your marketing strategy to the demands of the brave new world.

Marketing Trends in 2015

1. Keep it simple

The business landscape is getting more and more complex with each year, and most companies create more complexity to adapt to the changes they experience. Departments are built on top of each other, giving birth to endless vertical silos by product, function or territory. This arrangement can be beneficial, but fails to allow the free flow of ideas necessary for the optimal engagement between the company and customers / consumers. These silos will increasingly tend to be busted, and marketers will start to think of their company as a whole, integration of messages and insights among business units and groups.

2. Keep it personal

Globalization was a major trend for years, but today it’s not what you would call ideal. The world has become more connected than ever, and brands stretch across countries and continents (anyone looking for the best microgaming casinos should visit or any other international version it has). There is no way to call out to all people in all parts of the world the same way – marketing has to become more personal, calling out not just to nations or groups, but individuals as well. Global brands will start to decentralize their marketing structure, and increase their focus on regional and local efforts.

3. Transparency, agility and communication

Consumers are increasingly curious about what is going on inside a company at any given moment. Stories – fictional accounts of the company’s activity – will be replaced by a real and accurate picture of what companies are doing. The most transparent companies will be the most successful this year.

Marketers will have to become much faster in their endeavor to maximize their performance. Instead of focusing on the next quarter or month, they will have to shift their focal point to the much nearer future – the next day, or even the next hour.

Communication is important within a company, but this year they will need to focus on internal communication as a marketing tool. The company’s vision and strategy will need to be understood both by its employees and vendors to effectively coordinate the marketing effort.

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