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Customer Loyalty In Digital Marketing

There are several ways to build customer loyalty. For this to be effective, we must adopt methods and even strategies, so that your customers cannot do without your services. Whether for materials, tools and the same activity of the client base, there is an easy, ... Continue Reading →
content marketing ambassador

Content Marketing – Transform your customers into ambassadors

When it comes time to convince a decision maker evaluates the relevance of your solutions, recommendations from your customers an unparalleled impact. This blog post is in order to inform you of the relevance of putting forward a facet of marketing content. See ... Continue Reading →
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Inbound Marketing: Do you know about lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing which could be described as “gathering prospects,” this is a concept that is often connected to the Inbound Marketing. Technical scalable, it helps you educate your contacts more or less qualified, through a strategy based primarily on ... Continue Reading →
Emails Can Make Your Business Churn

How the Convergence of Email & Automation is Creating Success for Online Businesses

One of the best ways to get potential customers to ditch a business is by making them think they are dealing with a robot or stuck in a poorly implemented automated process. Considering that is one of the major complaints that make people stop considering marketing ... Continue Reading →
Digital content marketing for B2B clients

86% of the marketers are using B2B content marketing

The vast majority of B2B marketers now uses content marketing as part of a strategic marketing approach, although less than half have a documented marketing strategy, content and most admit they cannot track the performance of their investment. These data are ... Continue Reading →
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5 Digital Video Services And Their Differences For Marketing

The penetration of digital video is growing worldwide 92 percent of internet users have access to it, according to data from TNS, and this trend has not been missed by agencies and advertisers. We will see some features and options of the most popular video ... Continue Reading →
Content Marketing a great tool for digital marketeers

Content Marketing – A Great Tool to Have in the Arsenal for Digital Marketeers

Social media marketing has unquestionably emerged as a talismanic tool for the digital marketeers of the world. The manner in which it has made things easier for them in terms of the simplicity added to the way products are marketed over the Internet is what makes ... Continue Reading →
google changing to mobile ads

Google Extending Ads into Mobile Apps

Google have announced they are adding a new ad feature to extend reach into mobile apps as the corporation looks further into extend its multibillion dollar advertising business. VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please wait...Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote cast)VN:F [1.9.22_1171]Rating: ... Continue Reading →
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Resume Fraud – Misleading Information can Cost You

When it comes to license details, resumes and personal information it seems like job seekers don’t always believe that honesty is the best policy. Applicants will do just about anything to get one step ahead of the competition – and unfortunately this includes ... Continue Reading →
review how blogging changes into content marketing

How Blogging Transformed Into Content Marketing

Content marketing goes back a long way. Back in the mists of time known as the late 90’s, blogs (a contraction of web log) got their humble start on the World Wide Web. Within a few short years, blog usage took off, and soon, the Internet was abuzz with people’s ... Continue Reading →
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