Top 5 Ways to Grow Your SMS Marketing List

For a business using a sms (short message service) marketing campaign to increase revenue, having a lot of contacts on your list is a good thing; in fact, the more the merrier! Understanding the top 5 ways to grow your sms marketing list will get you on the right track to maximizing your marketing dollars and increasing your bottom line.

SMS Marketing

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

Because all sms marketing is opt-in based, meaning every number you will be texting has to give explicit permission before you can ever send them any messages, advertising is absolutely critical. Your advertisements don’t have to be complicated or expensive. The objective of the advertising is to invite people to text your keyword to the short code (the shortened phone number that is provisioned by your sms marketing provider). This can be done in a multitude of places: on a website, on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media account, in your store, on a business card, on a commercial, in a newspaper; virtually anywhere that someone will see or hear the invitation. The more you advertise the more opportunities people will have to learn about your campaign and choose to be part of it.


One really popular method used for growing a sms list is to offer some kind of incentive or coupon. Often, a coupon or discount is enough to get a client to initiate the first text and opt in. When creating your incentive or coupon, be sure you choose something that is cost-effective for your business. For example, don’t offer a free meal to everyone that opts in; instead offer a free drink or dessert with the purchase of a meal. Something that ensures they are spending money with your business and isn’t too expensive for you to feel good about giving it away. It really doesn’t take much to entice someone to send a message, especially since it is completely free for them to do so! If you don’t want to offer something for free a discount coupon is another great option. Offer 10% or 20% off a product or service. As long as it is something that is valuable to the individual and not damaging to your business, you both win!

Text to Vote/Win

Another popular way to grow your sms marketing list is through a text to win or text to vote campaign. When a company offers the chance to win something the offer can be very enticing. For instance, if you offer a chance to win a free iPad or other high valued item people are more than willing to send a simple text message to enter. Small businesses might not have the budget to give away an iPad but they can still offer a free meal, free product, or free service for one lucky winner and combine a mobile coupon where everyone gets a 10% discount, even if they aren’t selected as the winner. Running a text message marketing campaign this way can maximize the number of optins without worrying about the cost of giving everyone something for free.

Voting is another great way to build your sms list. Text to vote is used a lot in schools to determine talent show winners, popular class trip ideas, and more. This feature can also be used by a business that wants to determine which items or products they offer are the favorites of the customer. Again, this can be combined with a mobile coupon, making the voting option even more appealing.


If you have a big announcement coming up within your business or organization you can offer to share this anticipated information via text with those that text a keyword to the shortcode. Using a word like Secret as your keyword can make people feel like they are part of an exclusive group because they are choosing to participate in your sms marketing campaign. Your ability to make them feel like they are receiving something that is not being offered to everyone can be a good motivator. Along with this, sending special previews or deals to those that are on your texting list can keep them engaged in your sms marketing campaign so they don’t opt out.


If you have a newsletter that you effectively use for reaching your current customer base you can also use it to announce your sms marketing campaign. This is a great way to get your current customer base added into your sms marketing list. Offering a customer loyalty gift or discount is a fun way to let your client base know you appreciate them and also give them the incentive to join your sms list. Because these contacts are already familiar with your product or service they are prime targets for your sms marketing campaign. Keeping your brand and options fresh in the mind of your customer base will keep them coming back for repeat purchases, as well as letting them know about new products or options that they haven’t yet tried.

These are the top 5 ways to grown your sms marketing list. This isn’t a comprehensive list but it does give you some great ideas about how you can make sms marketing work for your business!

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